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WP Fusion PRO + Addons Nulled (v3.43.1) Free Download

WP Fusion Addons Nulled Free Download
WP Fusion Addons Nulled Free Download

WP Fusion PRO Nulled is a WordPress plugin that connects what happens on your website to your CRM. Using WP Fusion you can build a membership site, keep your customers’ information in sync, capture new leads, record eCommerce transactions, and much more.

WP Fusion extends the plugins you use every day with the power of your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Using automations in your connected CRM, you can then create highly targeted engagement campaigns via email, SMS, and other marketing channels, while simultaneously personalizing the WordPress site experience based on changes to tags and custom fields.

WP Fusion Addons List

  • WP Fusion v3.43.1
  • WP Fusion Logins Addon v1.3.3
  • WP Fusion Enhanced Ecommerce v1.23.4.2
  • WP Fusion Downloads Addon v1.1.2
  • WP Fusion Webhooks (Zapier) v1.3.1
  • WP Fusion Media Tools v1.2.5
  • WP Fusion Abandoned Cart v1.7.4

Demo :


3.43.1 - 3/19/2024
Added a MasterStudy LMS integration
Added option to automatically remove MemberPress corporate account tags from sub-account members when the parent membership is cancelled
Improved - When using HTTP API logging, the amount of time to perform the API call will be recorded to the logs
Improved - When an API error is encountered, the full API call and response will be logged
Improved - When using the Email Optin feature with WooCommerce, WP Fusion will now declare itself incompatible with the new checkout block
Improved plugin updater - updates will now show even if license key is expired
Improved - When debugging the admin settings page using the &debug URL parameter, the contents of wpf_import_groups will now be output with the rest of the debug data
Fixed List not found with ID error when adding contacts to Klavio lists with explicit consent
Fixed Invalid consent timestamp error when adding contacts to Klavio lists with explicit consent, with timezone offsets above GMT
Fixed WPBakery visibility indicator showing up when not in editing mode for users who have the admin bar visible
Fixed the import tool tracking failed user imports as successful for purposes of the table of historical imports
Fixed user IDs getting tracked multiple times in the settings table listing user import history, artifically inflating import counts
Fixed undefined index warning syncing custom fields with Klaviyo
Fixed array data not being converted to a string when updating Salesforce contacts using the update_contact() method
#3.43.0 - 3/12/2024
The Great Date update. Prior to this version, dates and timezones across integrations and CRMs were inconsistent. Some plugins used UTC (MemberPress) and some used local time (WooCommerce). For some CRMs we converted the time zone back to local time (HubSpot), some we converted to UTC (Ontraport), and some we left as is (ActiveCampaign). This update attempts to standardize the way dates and times are handled by extracting all dates from plugin integrations in UTC, and then converting them back to local time when syncing to CRMs that require it that way. This will result in more predictable handling of time zones, but there may be unexpected behavior in the initial release.
Added a visibility indicator to protected elements with the WPBakery frontend editor
Added a batch export tool for Elementor Forms entries
Added support for custom fields with SureCart
Added support for loading and displaying read-only fields with HubSpot
Added throttling to batch operations with Constant Contact to get around the 4 API calls per second limit
Improved - If a user is a LearnDash Admin or Group Leader and is automatically enrolled in all courses, they will be ignored for the purposes of WP Fusion's course auto-enrollment
Improved WP Remote Users Sync integration (better reliability for syncing tag changes)
Improved - In the admin settings, setting the logs to "Only Errors" will disable the checkbox for "HTTP API Logging"
(Potentially) improved performance with EngageBay by removing the leftover and unnecessary host: header from HTTP requests
Improved - The batch operations list in the admin is now sorted alphabetically
Fixed notice not being logged when an update webhook was received but no matching user was found
Fixed dropdown fields with WooCommerce Product Options syncing their internal values instead of the displayed labels
Fixed Gravity Forms User Registration actions running twice when using Gravity Press and wiping out the local tag cache for the user
Fixed PHP notices in the Amelia integration
Developers: If a user has a contact ID and no tags, the tags meta will now be deleted from the usermeta table for that user (reduces database size for users with no tags)

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