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Affirm Marketing & Digital Agency WordPress Theme Nulled (v3.0.12) Free Download

Affirm Marketing & Digital Agency WordPress Theme Nulled Free Download
Affirm Marketing & Digital Agency WordPress Theme Nulled Free Download

Affirm Nulled has professional, pixel perfect and clean modern layouts for almost any website you need:

  • Small Business Websites
  • Corporate Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Authority Blogs
  • Sales & Marketing Pages
  • Online Shops

Theme Options Panel

At the heart of many popular WordPress themes is a powerful theme options panel. This is a great way to include theme customization options that non-developers can manage and understand. Affirm GPL offers tons of customization options for almost any part of your website. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Global Colors – This feature gives you the possibility to customize the colors of all elements on your website in the same time, thus saving time and effort. There are 7 colors to use throughout your website, all of them being linked to all color elements in Theme Options and also fully integrated with Elementor Design System.
  • Global Fonts – Just like Global Colors, with Global Fonts you can change the fonts of your website on all pages at once. Choose between Google Fonts or System Fonts, then link to all typography elements in Theme Options. Fully integrated with Elementor Design System.
  • Responsive Controls – Device sensitive options allow you to set the individual values for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Advanced Backgrounds – The background components allows you to select between a solid color, gradient or image.
  • Full Typography Options – Complete typography options: font family, font style, text transform, font size, line height, letter spacing and color.
  • Live Settings Search – Search for any feature and get instant smart results. Click on a result and it takes you to the selected setting.
  • Preset Manager – Save / load settings for each category in theme options. Import ready-made presets (from demos) or use this feature to test various configurations easily.
  • Dark Mode – Turn on Dark Mode for a great viewing experience especially in low-light environments.
  • Theme Style – Set global options like typography and buttons.
  • Server Status – Shows a system check and lets you know if your current server configuration meets the minimum requirements.
  • Error Log – Shows a log of errors when one click demo import fails or imports partially.

When it comes to usability, aesthetics, and general polish in our designs, we’re perfectionists. At UiCore, we focus on bringing web designers and freelancers around the world an outstanding user experience when working on website projects for their clients.With an impressive collection of demo templates, block library and One Click Demo Import, getting started with Affirm Free Download will only take you a few minutes.

Demo :


v. 3.0.12 – 29 April 2024

UiCore Framework 5.0.12

Added post filters on blog page
Added box shadow option for button style
Added blur effect to header side drawer and mobile menu background
Added multiple new styling options for back to top button
Added excerpt in blog post page title
Added Full Screen style to blog post page title
Added option to force blog post typography in theme builder single template

Fixed issue with close button on Hamburger header layout
Fixed issue with search wrapper showing on the bottom of the page
Fixed issue Text Flip hover effect on menu items on mobile
Fixed issue Page Options - Transparent Header not working
Fixed issue with Loop Posts on blog navigation showing incorrect translation
Fixed issue with menu container on Hamburger Center layout
Fixed styling issue with shop checkout page

UiCore Animate 1.0.6

Animations Controller ui issues caused by selecting multiple widgets

UiCore Elements 1.0.4

Added new widget: Advanced Post Carousel

Fixed issue with Highlighted text using div tag
Fixed Split layout skin on Advanced Post Grid
Fixed warning on Post Grid
Fixed issue with Advanced Post Grid showing incorrect post date
Fix: Added correct ARIA attributes to Accordion
v. 3.0.11 – 4 April 2024

UiCore Framework 5.0.11

Added new options for page title: border radius and margin
Added new font: Hanken Grotesk

Fixed issue with call to action button link
Fixed issue with popup button not working if Inline Font Icons was active in Elementor Experiments
Fixed styling issue with post meta avatar
Fixed issue with transparent header not working in page options
Removed extension from themify-icons.css

UiCore Animate 1.0.5

Added new page transitions: Columns and Multilayer
Added new option: Preloader (23 different styles)

UiCore Elements 1.0.0

Added new widgets: Testimonial Grid, Testimonial Carousel, Testimonial Slider, Logo Grid, Logo Carousel
Added filtering options for Advanced Post Grid
Added AJAX pagination for Advanced Post Grid

Small bug fixes

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