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GravityView Nulled v2.19.4 + All Addons Pack Free Download

GravityView Nulled Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Free Download
GravityView Nulled Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Free Download

GravityView Nulled emerges as a key player, especially for those already familiar with Gravity Forms. This article delves into the functionalities, benefits, and applications of GravityView.

1. Introduction to GravityView Free Download

GravityView free download is a top-notch WordPress plugin designed to display and manage Gravity Forms entries. It acts as a seamless extension to Gravity Forms, allowing users to showcase form submissions on their website effortlessly. Whether it’s a directory, a listing, or any data display, GravityView ensures a structured and aesthetic presentation.

2. Key Features of GravityView Nulled

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: Just like its counterpart, Gravity Forms, GravityView offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to design views without any coding.
  • Data Customization: Choose which data to display, how to display it, and even customize it further with field modifiers.
  • Responsive Design: GravityView is mobile-responsive, ensuring that data looks polished on all devices.
  • Search and Filter: It comes equipped with powerful search and filtering capabilities, allowing visitors to find the information they seek quickly.
  • User Edits: Allow users to edit their entries from the front end, making it easier to manage user-submitted content.

3. Applications of GravityView

  1. Business Directories: Create a directory of businesses with details like contact information, services, and more.
  2. Event Listings: Showcase upcoming events, complete with details like date, venue, and descriptions.
  3. Job Boards: Allow companies to post job openings and applicants to apply, with an integrated view of all listings.
  4. Testimonials: Display customer testimonials submitted through a form, adding credibility to your website.
  5. Data Tables: For websites that require data representation, GravityView can transform form entries into organized tables.

4. Extensions and Addons

To further enhance its capabilities, GravityView offers a range of extensions:

  • DataTable Extension: Integrates the DataTables jQuery library, making large data sets more manageable and searchable.
  • Map View: Display entries as markers on a map, useful for location-based listings.
  • Math Extension: Perform calculations based on form entries, such as sum, average, or count.

5. Advantages of Using GravityView

  1. User-Friendliness: The ease of setting up and creating views makes it accessible for both beginners and seasoned webmasters.
  2. Flexibility: With its range of customizations and extensions, it caters to a wide array of data display needs.
  3. Integration: Being built for Gravity Forms, the integration is seamless, ensuring data consistency and reliability.
  4. Support and Documentation: GravityView boasts comprehensive documentation and a dedicated support team, making troubleshooting a breeze.

6. Pricing and Availability

GravityView is a premium plugin, and its pricing is tiered based on features and site licenses. The core plugin is generally sufficient for most needs, but for those seeking extended functionalities, investing in extensions or the all-access license might be worthwhile.

Demo :

Gravity Forms revolutionized the way websites collected data, and GravityView addons nulled takes it a step further by refining the way this data is displayed and managed. For any WordPress website relying on data collection and display, GravityView is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. With its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration with Gravity Forms, it truly stands out in the realm of WordPress plugins.

GravityView Changelog

2.19.2 on October 19, 2023
Fixed: Merge tags were still not working in the Custom Content field after the fix in 2.19.1
2.19.1 on October 17, 2023
Fixed: PHP 8+ deprecation notice appearing on 404 pages
Fixed: Merge tags not working in the Custom Content field
Improved: PHP 8.1 compatibility

2.19 on October 12, 2023
Added: Embed a Gravity Forms form using a field in the View editor
Added: Embed a GravityView View using a field in the View editor
Added: New Custom Code tab in the View Setting metabox to add custom CSS and JavaScript to the View
Fixed: Appearance of HTML tables nested within View fields, including Gravity Forms Survey Add-On fields
Fixed: Clicking the "?" tooltip icon would not go to the article if the Support Port is disabled
Tweak: Improved Chained Select field output when the Chained Select Add-On is disabled
Updated: Foundation to version 1.2.5

GravityView Addon List (ignore the version numbers. you will get latest ones)

  • GravityView
  • GravityView Inline Edit
  • GravityView DataTables Extension
  • GravityView Advanced Filter v2.1.14
  • GravityView Math v2.2
  • GravityView Gravity Forms Import Entries v2.4.0.3
  • GravityView Ratings & Reviews Extension v2.1
  • GravityView Maps Premium View v1.10
  • GravityView Entry Revisions v1.2.5
  • GravityView Featured Entries v2.0.9
  • GravityView DIY Layout Extension v2.3
  • GravityView Social Sharing & SEO Extension v3.0
  • GravityView GravityCalendar v2.3
  • GravityView GravityExport v1.0.8
  • GravityView A-Z Filters Extension v1.3.1
  • GravityView GravityCharts v1.3.3
  • GravityView GravityActions v1.3.0
  • GravityView GravityImport 2.4.4

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