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AIomatic (AIomatic) Automatic AI Content Writer Nulled (v1.8.8) Free Download

free download AIomatic - Automatic AI Content Writer nulled
free download AIomatic - Automatic AI Content Writer nulled

The AIomatic Nulled plugin will allow you to publish new posts with AI generated or to update old posts with fresh content relevant to the article or post.
You can tell the AI to write negative or positive product reviews, dialogs between different persons, commentaries on events, articles relevant to the title of a specific post and many many more. The limits are beyond your imagination!

Download AIomatic WordPress Plugin Nulled

AIomatic WordPress Plugin Nulled Features

  • Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 engine
  • Add a list of post titles and a command for the AI and the plugin will generate a series of posts for your site matching your requirements
  • Automatically add AI generated content to the beginning or end of published posts to your website – the added content will be relevant to the original content of the published post
  • Add a shortcode to posts or pages [aiomatic-article] – which will be able to create AI generated content for them and append it to the existing content of the articles. A Gutenberg block alternative will also be available for this purpose
  • Always create unique and relevant content, great SEO value!
  • Customizable generated post status (published, draft, pending, private, trash)
  • Automatically generate post categories or tags from title or content
  • Manually add post categories or tags to items
  • Generate post or page or any other custom post type
  • Automatically generate a featured image for the post, scraped from royalty free image sources, like Pixabay, Pexels, MorgueFile or Flickr
  • Enable/disable comments, pingbacks or trackbacks for the generated post
  • Customize post title and content (with the included wide variety of relevant post shortcodes)
  • ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’ – It’s purpose is to define keywords that are substituted automatically with your affiliate links, anywhere they appear in the content of your site. For example, you can define a keyword ‘codecanyon’ and have it substituted by a link to anywhere it appears in your site’s content.
  • ‘Random Sentence Generator Tool’ (relevant sentences – as you define them)
  • Detailed plugin activity logging
  • Scheduled rule runs

AIomatic WordPress Plugin Free Download

Free Download AIomatic Nulled is a breaking edge AI content writer plugin that is ideal for auto blogging and automatical post publishing or updating. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI engine to turn your website into a auto blogging or even a money making machine!


Download AIomatic WordPress Plugin Nulled


Version 1.8.6 Release Date 2024-02-16
1. Improved Section Based Bulk AI Post Creator – randomly select images and videos for headings (not both at the same time) 2. Added a new OmniBlock template “Amazon Single Product Review” 3. Added a new OmniBlock template “Single Product Review by URL” 4. Added new settings fields for the “AI Text Foreach Line Of Input” OmniBlock: maximum lines to process, text to append and prepend to each block 5. Fixed a very old issue when all checkboxes could end up checked in rule settings 6. Added the ability to create pdf files from OmniBlocks, using this Extension: 7. Added the ability to read from pdf files in OmniBlocks, using the above extension

Version 1.8.5 Release Date 2024-02-07
1. Added support for Perplexity AI models 2. Added the ability to set Pinecone Namespaces 3. Added embeddings support for Google MakerSuite 4. Added Dall-E 3 support for Azure OpenAI API 5. Added the ability to use SpinRewriter’s Humanize AI API 6. Added the ability to define an image seed parameter for Stable Diffusion images 7. Added support for processing XLSX files in ‘Load File Content’ OmniBlock 8. Fixed OmniBlock local image copying 9. Updated Stable Diffusion image models

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