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Amelia Enterprise Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin Nulled (v7.5.1) Free Download

Amelia Enterprise Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download
Amelia Enterprise Level Appointment Booking WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download

Amelia Nulled is a next-generation Appointment Booking WordPress plugin Nulled built with the newest technology by an award-winning team.

Say good bye to requesting appointments, feeling like you’re neglecting your customers, or scrambling to find a time that works for everyone. Let Amelia Nulled automate the process for you. With just one click, instantly see who’s booked, who can’t make it, and who might not want to come. Get rid of the back-and-forth with your customers by simply providing them with a link to book their next appointment.

Amelia Free Download is perfect for any business that relies on scheduling and booking appointments in advance. Between others:

  • Spa salons.
  • Beauty and hairdresser salons.
  • Private photographers and wedding photographers.
  • Private tour guides.
  • Private clinics, dentists, other healthcare companies.
  • Law and business consultants.
  • Personal life and business coaches.
  • Tourism industry.
  • Repair and service centers.
  • Private psychologists.
  • Cosmetologists.
  • Internet Cafes.

Search-like booking interface

As proved by many major booking websites, it’s very convenient for users to pick an appropriate slot by entering one or more search criteria in a filter interface – if we take a hairdresser salon as an example, one may choose a date and a particular hairdresser and browse through available time slots. Amelia provides a shortcode which allows displaying the search interface in 2 clicks:

Catalog view for categories and services

If you have Amelia Free Download installed on your WP – you don’t have to worry about struggling through adding a separate WordPress page for each service category, each service, use additional plugins for displaying images of a service, or organize services in folders. Amelia provides a built-in interface, where with one shortcode you can show all your service categories on one page, or optionally a single category, or just a single service.

Amelia Free Download

Amelia Free Download will support you as you grow your business and expand to multiple business locations. Each location can be added to the database, employees assigned to locations, and then your customers will be able to additionally choose a location while they book.

Demo :


Version 7.5.1 (07.05.2024)
Update with a couple of improvements and bug fixes:

Improvement: Added sorting option for services within packages
Improvement: Implemented sorting of packages by validation date on Customer Panel 2.0
Improvement: Improved API bookings logic
Improvement: Added ‘Fifth’ as a recurrence option for the Monthly recurring events
Improvement: Added option on Customize page to remove scroll from Catalog 2.0 booking form
Updated Dutch and Hebrew languages
BugFix: Fixed issue with HTML notifications and ‘quill’ editor
BugFix: Fixed issue with notifications and google sync when duplicating appointment from package
BugFix: Fixed issue with time slots when timezone is hidden on the new customer panel
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements
Version 7.5 (15.04.2024)
Update with a great redesign, a couple of improvements, and bug fixes:

Feature: Newly redesigned Customer Panel with effortless appointment and event management alongside seamless profile updates
Improvement: Added possibility to filter Employee page by multiple locations and added this option in the API calls
Improvement: Extended option “Check customer’s name for existing email/phone when booking”, to check for existing users by phone number if email is not entered
Improvement: Added possibility to search users by their phone number
Improvement: Added a new API call for package slots
Updated German and added Turkish translation
Added documentation about WPHooks
BugFix: Fixed issue with the custom fields option when exporting attendees
BugFix: Fixed issue with a package payment in the customer panel via WooCommerce Stripe
BugFix: Fixed issue with not taking set payment methods for packages into consideration
BugFix: Fixed issue with translations and their order in case of different language variations
BugFix: Fixed issue with “Go back” button and missing sidebar on the Catalog Booking form
BugFix: Fixed issue with UTC time zones and test notifications
BugFix: Fixed issue with forms when default location is not used and the “Load Entities on page load” option enabled
BugFix: Fixed issue with Manager role and hidden services with coupons
BugFix: Fixed issue with the “Limit events per customer” and events start time on the Congratulations page
BugFix: Fixed issue with customer information in WooCommerce
BugFix: Fixed issue with Cart payments when using coupons and notifications not sent
BugFix: Fixed issue with customer info in ICS files
BugFix: Fixed issue with updating employee work hours with API
Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

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