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Bargain Bot Nulled (v1.9.1) Free Download

Bargain Bot Nulled
Bargain Bot Nulled

Bargain Bot Nulled Allow shoppers to Make Their Offer Now with a Bargaining ChatBot. Win more customers with smart price negotiations. Allow your customers to make an offer on your price and bargain. The ChatBot will Negotiate to more than a minimum price set by you.

Capture shoppers while they have a high intent to purchase. Supports Exit intent popup for product single page.

Bargain Bot works with any WooCommerce website and it can also work as an addon for the ChatBot WoowBot.

++Bargain Bot can work with any WooCommerce website in LightBox Modal mode. See LightBox Mode demo here.

++ This can also work as an AddOn for the Woocommerce ChatBot WoowBot, if you have WoowBot installed on your website. See ChatBot Mode demo here.

What is the Bargaining Bot?

Say goodbye to the old and boring way of offering discounts for the sake of it. Let your customers haggle for it. Bargaining Bot is the World’s first negotiation bot for WooCommerce. Shoppers are more likely to take advantage of their discount if they have to “work” for it. It makes the shopping experience much more lively and interactive.

Once a deal is made by the Bargaining Bot, the shopper can complete the checkout with the discounted price.

If no deal is made, the ChatBot offers to email the shopper’s last offered price to the shop admin. Admin can then email the Customer to complete the deal.

Why do I need a Bargaining Bot?

Price is the most important factor in a shopper’s decision to buy, yet most shoppers leave because your fixed price is a few dollars too high. The Bargaining Bot lets you capture more sales because the price is negotiated based on what the customer is willing to pay and the minimum price at which you are willing to sell.

Here is why the Bargain Bot Free Download will earn you higher revenue and profit margins:

  1. Higher Engagement – the Bot creates a new engagement point for shoppers to interact with your products instead of leaving
  2. Capture the WooCommerce shoppers while they have a high intent to purchase. This addon helps keep them on your site to finalize a price deal
  3. Higher conversions – shoppers love to feel like they are getting a great deal – this addon allows them to pay less than the listed price and therefore convert to a sale
  4. All offers are responded to in seconds based on a minimum price point that you set
  5. Super easy to install – no coding necessary
  6. Super easy to configure – apply the addon in seconds
  7. Bargain bot automatically pops up if a user wants to close the browser window from your product single page.
  8. Offers do NOT require shoppers to enter their email address to make an offer so you get many more offers made, more offers accepted, and more sales
  9. Once shoppers buy one thing using this method, they want to buy more items the same way

Demo :


Version 1.9.1
# Skip showing the minimum acceptable price js issue fixed.
# shop page "Make Your Offer Now" text change issue fixed.
# final offer with Phone or Email
# shop page some css issue fixed.
# bargain bot added to sending the final offer with Email or Phone Number

Version 1.9.0 
# Show bargain bot only on Exit intent - fixed a bug with the lightbox z index
# Improved bargain bot modal mobile responsiveness
# bargain price input field type number added.
# bargain price decimal number bug 
# bargain bot custom css tab added.
# bargain checking single page out of stock  issue --fixed
# bargain modal close button css issue --fixed.

Version 1.8.0 
# Checking single page out of stock  issue
# bargain exit intent modal open improved
# Added options for Frontend Button position
# bargain bot plugin help section updated
# bargain bot plugin license key activation issue fixed

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