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Blocksy Pro (Companion Premium) Nulled v1.8.63 Free Download

Free Download Blocksy Companion (Premium) Nulled
Free Download Blocksy Companion (Premium) Nulled

Blocksy PRO Nulled is the only WordPress theme you will ever need. It’s packed with tons of features, tons of options, tons of design color choices, and tons of inspiration to make your site the best.Create unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on individual pages of your site based on conditions.

Enhanced Header Builder

Create unlimited number of advanced headers and display them on individual pages of your site based on conditions.

Header Pro Elements

Explore the new header items that open unlimited possibilities for your headers. All carefully crafted to match Blocksy’s original design language.

Content Blocks (Hooks)

  • Display in any locationUse any existing action from WordPress or any 3rd party tool to display the content block.
  • Page or post conditionsInsert the content block on any location or group of locations from your site with the help of display conditions.
  • User role conditionsDisplay content tailored to current user’s role or hide it at all if the user is not logged in.
  • Set expiration timeShow the content block in its place for a limited amount of time by leveraging the expire control.
  • Set block positionImplement beautiful fixed blocks by setting its position. Can be pinned on the top or the bottom of the viewport.
  • Create custom 404 pageReplace the default and boring 404 page with a custom content block and design it with your favorite design tool.
  • Create custom headerEven though Blocksy Nulled header builder is awesome, sometimes you need complete control. And you have it.
  • Create custom footerReplace the default footer with a content block built with any page builder or even with Gutenberg blocks.

Advanced Menu

  • Create mega menusCreate gorgeous dropdowns in your menus and put any content in them. Control everything from the overlay width to the columns layout & their layout that is displayed.
  • Add icons to your menu itemsAdd icons to every menu item alongside the text label. Or the text label can be disabled altogether.
  • Insert content blocks (hooks)Replace mega menu overlay column with a content block. Opens the door to a lot of possibilities since the content is fully dynamic.
  • Set design styles for menu itemsUse Blocksy Nulled advanced style options to get each item from your menus styled individually to appeal to your taste.

WooCommerce Extra

Superchange your WooCommerce store with the amazing features for maximizing your conversion rates.

  • Quick viewLoad a beautiful popup for your products right from the shop page. Galleries, prices and AJAX add to cart included.
  • Floating cartDisplay a sticky add to cart button on your product single page. It will stay visible as the user explores the product.
  • Off-Canvas filtersDisplay the filters on your shop page in an offcanvas for ease of access on mobile devices.
  • Off-Canvas cartDisplay your cart in a stylish and customizable offcanvas for even more details on small devices.
  • New single product layoutsMore advanced single product layouts on top of already available ones. More beautiful layouts yet to come.
  • Gallery sliderWrap amounts of thumbnails in your product galleries in a slider. Useful for saving space on product pages.
  • Products WishlistLet your visitors to add their favourite products to a wish list, in case they would like to purchase them later.
  • Search by SKULets your visitors to search through your entire products base by SKU (stock-keeping unit).

Blocksy Free Download

Blocksy Free Download is fully integrated with WooCommerce and has a lot of customization options that will help you to create your dream store in minutes.

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