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CartFlows Pro Free Nulled (v2.0.6 + v2.0.8) Free Download

CartFlows Pro Free Nulled Free Download
CartFlows Pro Free Nulled Free Download

If you’ve been in the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystems for a while, you’re likely familiar with CartFlows Pro Free Download—a popular sales funnel builder that enhances the buying process, enabling businesses to increase conversions and maximize profits.

CartFlows Pro Nulled comes in two versions: a free version available on the WordPress plugin repository and a premium (Pro) version with advanced features. In this article, we’ll delve deep into both, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they can redefine the checkout experience for your online store.

1. Overview:

  • CartFlows Free: It’s an entry-level version that offers basic funnel-building features. This version is suitable for small businesses or those new to sales funnels.
  • CartFlows Pro: A premium version packed with advanced features. It is designed for businesses looking to exploit the full potential of sales funnels and maximize conversions.

2. Key Features of CartFlows Free:

  • Ready-to-Use Templates: The free version provides several templates that users can customize according to their needs.
  • Frictionless Checkout: Offers a simplified checkout process which can lead to increased conversions.
  • Order Bumps: Even in the free version, users can offer order bumps—additional offers presented at the checkout.

3. Key Features Exclusive to CartFlows Pro Nulled:

  • More Templates: The Pro version offers a wider variety of professionally designed, conversion-optimized templates.
  • One-Click Upsells & Downsells: After the primary purchase, customers can add additional products to their order with just a single click—no need to re-enter payment information.
  • Priority Support: Pro users get priority support, ensuring quicker solutions to their queries.
  • Regular Updates: CartFlows Pro receives regular updates with new features, integrations, and improvements.
  • Checkout Field Customization: Users can customize and simplify their checkout fields, making it easier for customers to make a purchase.
  • Checkout Offers: These are special offers displayed during the checkout process, increasing the chances of higher order values.
  • Analytics & Tracking: Advanced insights allow users to monitor the performance of their funnels and optimize them for better results.

4. Who Should Use Which?

  • CartFlows Free: Ideal for newcomers to the world of sales funnels. Small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who want to test the waters without a financial commitment will benefit from this version.
  • CartFlows Pro: Suitable for medium to large-scale businesses, or those who are familiar with sales funnel dynamics. If you’re looking to invest in advanced features to maximize your conversion potential, the Pro version is the way to go.

5. Pricing:

While CartFlows Free is, of course, free of charge, CartFlows Pro nulled comes with a price tag. The cost provides access to all the advanced features, updates, and premium support.

Demo :


Team CartFlows

May 16, 2024

CartFlowsVersion 2.0.8


  • Fix: A blank question mark was getting added in the URL of next-step button.
  • Security Fix: Hardened the security of the plugin suggested by Wordfence.

Team CartFlows

May 3, 2024

CartFlows PremiumVersion 2.0.6


  • Improvement: Modified the statement descriptor param as per the guidelines by stripe.

Team CartFlows

April 24, 2024

CartFlows PremiumVersion 2.0.5


  • Improvement: Improved the order bump code to make it compatible with out-of-stock products.


  • Fix: The upsell/downsell product was getting added in the order even if the order is canceled manually while using Mollie Gateway.
  • Fix: Fixed the “Place Order” button would disappear when using the PayPal payments plugin.
  • Fix: The your product section was showing line-through to the product price in some conditions.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue of Subscriptions were charged immediately instead of after trials.

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