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Cornerstone The WordPress Page Builder Nulled (v7.4.12) Free Download

Cornerstone The WordPress Page Builder Nulled Free Download
Cornerstone The WordPress Page Builder Nulled Free Download

Cornerstone Nulled is a professional-grade, all-in-one site building platform that sits on top of WordPress and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Effortlessly create, edit, and assign headers, footers, pages, archives, singles, WC shop archive and WC product pages.ùBuild your site faster than ever with over 100 fully customizable prefab Elements including Layout Elements, Standard Elements, Dynamic Content Elements, and Woo Elements. But why stop there? Build your own fully custom, reusable elements from scratch using our Component Builder and save them to your Element Library.

Easily build complex configurations that are capable of digesting data from throughout your WordPress site from core data (such as post meta and user meta) to Advanced Custom Fields and other third party plugin data. Then easily loop through your data with Loopers.

Effects, when done well, can help bring your design to life and enhance user experience. With Cornerstone’s Element-level effect controls, you can build compound effects adding filters, transforms, interactions, positional effects, masks, and even layer blending. All native!

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Cornerstone 7.4.12 - February 20, 2024
Feature: Looper Dynamic content has a 'depth' control letting you control which consumer data to use depending on the depth of your nested loopers
Feature: Dynamic Content for variable product stock for WooCommerce
Feature: Adobe Typekit can load in the files through CSS through the control "Load as CSS"
Feature: Sliders Pause on Hover control
Updated: The document list displays 'draft' next to the post title if the status is draft
Updated: Revert of the parameter image pre processing which converted an ID to a full image URL. Image fields already will do this processing. You probably don't need to change anything, but if you do you need to pass `type='image'` into your dynamic content like `{{dc:p:image type="image"}}`. This caused issues for anyone who wanted to reference the attachment ID directly
Updated: More PHP 8.2 deprecation removals
Updated: When using div "sticky" position, Cornerstone will auto add "overflow-x visible" to your body tag which is needed in most cases for it to even work
Bugfix: You could not use 'auto' as the value for a width of a modal due to Cornerstone thinking 'auto' was the default value
Bugfix: Breadcrumbs element would not work with Dynamic Content in the style fields
Bugfix: Using Dynamic Content when the code editor was empty still did not work
Cornerstone 7.4.11 - February 6, 2024
Updated: Breakoutmode will work on Choose controls that use boolean values, like "Accordion Starts Open"
Updated: You can pass in _key to Dynamic content `type="object"`, for use in Dynamic Content that uses key already like post meta
Bugfix: Jetpack React CDN conflicting with Cornerstone App, resulting in the App crashing upon changing anything
Bugfix: Custom Attributes would not use Dynamic Content if being used on a Component that did not have Custom Attributes

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