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Cryptlight WordPress Theme Nulled 1.1.1 Free Download

Cryptlight Nulled ICO Landing Page WordPress Theme Free Download
Cryptlight Nulled ICO Landing Page WordPress Theme Free Download

Cryptlight Nulled is perfect for ICO Agencies and Cryptocurrency Investment companies when they want to launch a new ICO for raising funds. With outstanding features of Cryptlight Nulled, you can showcase reasons why investors should choose your ico, benefits they receive and important documents they need to read to convince them of purchasing your new ico.

Cryptlight WordPress Theme Nulled


Mobile payment make easy

You can use a mobile device to pay with simple steps

Lifetime free transaction

You can buy token without paying any transactions fee

Protect the identity

Use a mobile device to pay with simple steps

Sercurity & control over money

We provide high levels of sercurity to all users

Cryptlight WordPress Theme Nulled
Cryptlight WordPress Theme Nulled

The key features of Cryptlight ico landing page Nulled

Countdown timer

This function helps to show when the project starts and ends, how much time is left until the sale is over, and finally, it states that the sale is over.

Team feature

Team experience and skills is considered a high ranking factor users look at when considering purchasing tokens in an ICO. Therefore, with our theme, you can highlight your team and advisors with name, position and social links.


Where investors can read all essential documents they are interested such as whitepaper, onepage, terms and policies

Roadmap and timeline

With this feature, you can demonstrate in detail to potential investors where you are currently with your project, what important milestones you achieved in the past, what milestones you set in the future.

Token Sale

This is the function that not only allows you to present the information of the token sale but also contributes to building fear of missing out. This will urge potential investors to buy your ico sooner.

Cryptlight Free Download

The Cryptlight Free Download platform helps investors to make easy to purchase and sell their tokens

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