Easy Forms Advanced Form Builder and Managers Nulled (v2.0.5) Free Download

Easy Forms Advanced Form Builder and Managers Nulled Free Download
Easy Forms Advanced Form Builder and Managers Nulled Free Download

Easy Forms Advanced Form Builder and Managers Nulled is a full-featured, easy-to-use, online form builder tool that speeds up the form building process – so you can finish your online forms faster and enjoy the rest of your work without code.

Easy Forms Nulled Features

  • Online Form Builder
    • Build online forms free and without limits.
    • Easily create the forms you need: Contact forms, Order forms, Registration forms, Online surveys, Quizzes, Survey Funnels WhatsApp Contact Forms and more.
    • Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them. No coding skills required.
    • Responsive Form Builder (Touch-friendly Drag and Drop)
    • W3C-valid HTML5 Fields
    • Electronic Signature Field
    • Add, Duplicate, Edit, Update and Delete Fields easily
    • Add Form Components with a Click
    • Drag-and-Drop Column Control
    • Built-in support for users on smart-phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
    • Create Multi-Step Forms
    • Link to One Page of a Multi-Page Form
    • Add friendly hints and placeholders, making your forms easier and friendlier to fill out.
    • Set a default value for certain fields. They’ll be submitted if the visitor doesn’t change them.
    • Allow users to upload multiple files
    • Accept any file type
    • Optionally limit the quantity, size or type of file you want to receive
    • Add advanced field validation
    • Write your very own field validation rules using regular expressions
    • Set a specific space between your fields with our Spacer Field.
    • Use a powerful wysiwyg editor with our HTML Snippet Field
    • Embed images, videos and maps
    • Matrix Table Field (Likert Scale) with HTML5 input fields
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) with custom question and labels
    • Include Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 in your forms
    • Multiple reCAPTCHA theme options.
    • Choose between Invisible reCAPTCHA or “I’m not a robot” checkbox
    • Smart reCAPTCHA. Save the correct answer of a user. So, he don’t have to fill it again.
    • Bootstrap CSS Support
    • Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
    • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons can have images or icons
    • Custom Checkbox and Custom Radio Button by using CSS styles
    • Remove javascript code in the HTML generated by the Form Builder
    • Set an Alias to each Form Field to identify it or export it with a customized parameter
    • Accessible Forms: Set custom attributes to your fields
    • UI Widgets: Datepicker, International Telephone Input, Star Rating, Select2 and more
  • Theme Designer
    • Change the form design without write a single line of CSS code
    • Create beautiful, branded, online forms easily
    • Copy & paste your design from one form to another with a couple of clicks
    • Perfect integration with the Form Builder
    • Google Fonts selector
    • Add Stock Images to your Form (Unsplash Integration)
    • Web Gradients Editor
    • Beautiful selection of Subtle Patterns by Toptal
    • Powerful Color Picker with transparency
    • Field Suggestions
    • Real-Time Preview
    • Reset the design with a click
    • And more!
  • Forms Management System
    • Organizing Forms With Folders
    • Private Forms (Internal Forms)
    • RTL Forms
    • Copy, Clone or Duplicate Forms (Inc. Fields, Settings, Notifications, Conditional Rules, Report and Add-Ons)
    • Import / Export Forms between different sites
    • Use a unique and custom URL to easily share/link a full-page form.
    • Share friendly links to your forms
    • Easily embed your form in your website, blog, shop —wherever you want it! No extra programming needed – just copy our code.
    • Multiple embedding options and formats.
    • Add a custom confirmation message or redirect to another website
    • Add Field Variables in the URL to be redirected and confirmation messages
    • Show a confirmation message and redirect to another page after a seconds
    • Conditional Redirection: Redirect your users to different pages according their responses
    • Double Opt-In: Let your users confirm their email addresses
    • Load external javascript file
    • Anti – Spam Protection (HoneyPot Technique)
    • Generate Submission Number
    • Limit Submission per Time Period
    • Limit Submission by IP and/or Browser Fingerprint
    • Auto-deactivation by dates
    • Set the Time Zone and Date Format for Submissions
    • Implement Save form & resume later
    • Forms with Password Protection
    • Assign your forms to different users
    • Embed your Forms only on authorized websites
    • Embed your Form in a PopUp or Modal Window
    • Edit a Form Submission in your own website
    • Define when a form submission can be editable by time and/or conditional rules
    • Protected Uploaded Files (compatible with RBAC)
    • Disable IP Tracking
    • Compress the Forms’ Uploaded Images automatically
    • Share Forms between registered users
    • Download / Share the QR code of your forms
    • Manage Form Add-ons
  • PopUp Form Designer
    • Place the form inside a popup without write a single line of code
    • When it opens, focus will be restricted to elements inside the popup
    • Use our popup form to convert website visitors to subscribers
    • Choose between multiple colors, backgrounds, sizes, animations and effects
    • Configure the PopUp margin, padding, width, border with and border radius
    • Set the animation effect and animation duration
    • Change the Button text and button color
    • Place the Button position Inline or at the border of the Browser Window
    • See a preview and get the generated code with one click
    • Embed multiple pop-up forms on the same page
  • Form Endpoints / Download the HTML
    • Form backend platform for designers and developers
    • Download Form Files with all their features or just the HTML & CSS files
    • Customize your forms on your website and/or mobile app
    • No Embeds or iFrames. No overrides! No scripts!
    • Use regular HTML forms or use the Form Endpoint as an API!
    • Standard form submission redirect back to your website. Our app is virtually invisible
    • Use custom field names in your external form
    • Easily collect unlimited files attachments per form submission
    • Our powerful server-side field validation system for your external forms
    • Spam Filtering and reCAPTCHA
    • AJAX Forms: Also, our endpoints accept Ajax Form requests.
    • CORS validation: Only accept form submissions from Authorized URLs
    • Get your responses in JSON, XML or simple HTML.
    • Collect data and redirect the browser to another 3rd-party page
    • Capture associative array POST requests from 3rd-party apps
    • Edit form submissions
  • Themes & Templates
    • Customize your forms’ branding.
    • Theme & Template Managers
    • Advanced CSS Editor with Form Live Preview
    • Easy integration with the forms
    • Template Promotion and Categories
    • Comes with +10 pro-level themes
    • Templates for event registration, contact forms, customer surveys, trivias, RSVPs, and more.
    • Administrators can assign Themes and Templates to another users
    • Users can share Themes and Templates to other users

Easy Forms Free Download

Easy Forms Free Download Yes! You can start to create online forms quickly and easily without any programming skills in just minutes!

Demo :


14.03.2024 - ver 2.0.5
    - Added: Display Radio Button Group and Checkbox Group as Buttons
    - Added: Dynamic Content > Modifier / Virtual Field (Selected Labels)
    - Added: REST API: Get Submissions > Multi-Choice Field Answers > Answer Labels
    - Added: DepDrop widget to be used in the entire application.
    - Added: Event: Form is submitted (Edit Submission
    - Added: MailHelper. Configure From name with add-ons
    - Improved: Matomo Device Detector compatibility
    - Improved: Event: Form is submitted (New Submission)
    - Fixed: Forms > Add-Ons > Actions button
    - Fixed: Incompatibility between Submission created and PayPal payment received
    - Fixed: Export Submissions as MS Excel file
    - Fixed: Duplicate form. Form name is used to generate slug
    - Fixed: Form Builder: Custom Attributes design
    - Fixed: Form Builder > NPS Field (Label alignment).
    - Fixed: Hide Radio Button with conditional rules
    - Fixed: Amazon SES Transport > Reply-To email address in Notification Settings
    - Updated vendors
08.01.2024 - ver 2.0.4
    - Added: Form Builder: Design Panel > Progress Bar > Height
    - Added: Internal "Cron" Event in the entire system
    - Improved: User creation without email notification
    - Improved: Form Builder: Horizontal Forms
    - Improved: Form Builder: Inline Forms
    - Improved: Don't display error in form when none mail transport is selected
    - Improved: Console Commands: Compatibility with addons
    - Improved: Rule engine and widget source code
    - Fixed: RTL layout
    - Fixed: Custom Application Name in Password Reset page
    - Fixed: Session Timeout Modal Design
    - Removed: PHP 7.2.0 support (Minimum PHP version: 7.2.5)
    - Updated vendors

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