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[Fixed*] (v5.3.0) wProject + Addons Free Download [Nulled]


wProject + Addons Free Download a comprehensive project management system, built seamlessly on WordPress. Designed for both novices and professionals, wProject bridges the gap between functionality and user-friendliness, offering a platform where projects can be planned, tracked, and executed with precision.

wProject + Addons Free Download [Nulled]

Kanban & Gantt – Visualization at its Best

One of the standout features is its Kanban board, a visual representation of your tasks. Now, updating a task is as simple as drag-and-drop. It’s not just about ease, but also about clarity. With the integrated Gantt chart, teams can instantly identify which projects and tasks are on track, and which require immediate attention. It serves as a visual timeline, ensuring that deadlines are met and projects stay on course.

Task Management and Collaboration

With wProject + Addons Nulled, you’re not limited to just tasks. Delve deeper with subtasks, allowing for a detailed breakdown of every task. This granularity ensures that every component of a project is accounted for. Furthermore, the time recording feature means that every minute spent on a task is logged, making handovers smooth and transparent.

But what’s a task without the necessary files? wProject understands this, allowing users to attach any number of files to a task. This feature ensures that all relevant data is centralized, fostering better collaboration. Speaking of collaboration, team members can easily comment on tasks, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Details, Rates, and More

For those looking for an enhanced experience, wProject offers optional Pro add-ons. Now, projects can be detailed even further. Set project statuses, start and end dates, assign a project manager, and even specify the rate per hour. With options to add time and material costs, initiating a project has never been this comprehensive.

wProject + Addons Free Download [Nulled]

Last but not least, because user comfort is paramount, wProject Free Download offers both dark and light modes. Whether you’re working late into the night or bright and early, toggle between modes to suit your preference.

wProject Nulled isn’t just another project management tool. It’s a holistic experience designed to make project management intuitive, efficient, and effective. It’s time to elevate your project management game with wProject.

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