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WooCommerce Attach Me! Nulled 23.0 Free Download

WooCommerce Attach Me! By Vanquish Nulled Download
WooCommerce Attach Me! By Vanquish Nulled Download

WooCommerce: Attach Me! Nulled is a woocommerce plugin that allows Shop Managers to attach any kind of file to your clients’ orders. Attach Images, documents, videos, proofs… no limits!
Furthermore, the Shop Managers can also:

WooCommerce Attach Me! Nulled
WooCommerce Attach Me! Nulled
  1. attach Me Nulled files to products (like manuals, documents, etc.): these files are automatically available to download in the product pages and/or on order details page after the customers have purchased them (and optionally visible only if the order has reached a specific status)! You can also specify an Expiring time (only for order attachments)!
  2. create automatic email attachments: sent when a specific order status email is sent by WooCommerce
WooCommerce Attach Me! Free Download
WooCommerce Attach Me! Free Download


The shop admin can also attach files to products (directly from their edit pages) that are automatically available to download on the product page and/or on the order details page after an order has been placed. These attachments Nulled can also be available only if the order reaches a specific status(es) or if the current user has specific user roles.
Furthermore, for every order attachment, the shop admin can set an expiring time (specific date or set a time span after the order has been placed during which is possible the download). Optionally, order attachments can use a masked URL that allows the system to check if the request belongs to an authorized user.
This kind of attachment is useful to attach manuals, pdf, or other media files. Optionally files can be sent automatically via email.

The shop admin now can also use the new Bulk products attachments tools to bulk assign attachments to products (directly selecting them or using categories).


Order attachments can optionally be downloaded only if the user has accepted a disclaimer (secure links option must be enabled).

WCAM creates secure download links for every product and order attachments. In this way, only the order owner or who bought the product can access its attachments! Furthermore, for order attachments, the “Secure download” option can be enabled/disabled as whish.

WooCommerce Attach Me! Free Download

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