FreqTrade Nulled 2022.10 – High Frequency Crypto Trading Bot with Ready To-Go Strategies Free Download

FreqTrade – High Frequency Crypto Trading Bot with Ready To-Go Strategies Nulled
FreqTrade – High Frequency Crypto Trading Bot with Ready To-Go Strategies Nulled

Freqtrade Nulled is a free and open source crypto trading bot written in Python. It is designed to support all major exchanges and be controlled via Telegram or webUI.

It contains backtesting, plotting and money management tools as well as strategy optimization by machine learning.

FreqTrade Nulled Features

  • Develop your Strategy: Write your strategy in python, using pandas. Example strategies to inspire you are available in the strategy repository.
  • Download market data: Download historical data of the exchange and the markets your may want to trade with.
  • Backtest: Test your strategy on downloaded historical data.
  • Optimize: Find the best parameters for your strategy using hyperoptimization which employs machining learning methods. You can optimize buy, sell, take profit (ROI), stop-loss and trailing stop-loss parameters for your strategy.
  • Select markets: Create your static list or use an automatic one based on top traded volumes and/or prices (not available during backtesting). You can also explicitly blacklist markets you don’t want to trade.
  • Run: Test your strategy with simulated money (Dry-Run mode) or deploy it with real money (Live-Trade mode).
  • Run using Edge (optional module): The concept is to find the best historical trade expectancy by markets based on variation of the stop-loss and then allow/reject markets to trade. The sizing of the trade is based on a risk of a percentage of your capital.
  • Control/Monitor: Use Telegram or a WebUI (start/stop the bot, show profit/loss, daily summary, current open trades results, etc.).
  • Analyse: Further analysis can be performed on either Backtesting data or Freqtrade trading history (SQL database), including automated standard plots, and methods to load the data into interactive environments.

Demo :

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