Image Compress with Squeezeimg + Convert to webp, jp2 Nulled v1.2.4 PrestaShop Free Download

Image Compress with Squeezeimg + Convert to webp, jp2 Nulled
Image Compress with Squeezeimg + Convert to webp, jp2 Nulled

Use the Image Compress with Squeezeimg Nulled module to optimize the size of your website’s imagesspeed up the page loadingfree up the space for storing data on the server and increase your ranking in search engines such as GoogleYandex, etc.

Co ten moduł robi dla Ciebie

The Image Compress with Squeezeimg GPL module uses functions of the Squeezeimg Image Optimizer to quickly minimize the size of your images. You can compress / convert images without visible quality loss or with loss.

 How it works?

Install the Image Compress with Squeezeimg module to your website.

You DON’T NEED to install ANY OTHER modules and libraries!!!

Also register your Squeezeimg account ( and generate an API key to use on your website. You can use 1000 images per month for FREE, or you need to pay for any Squeezeimg Image Optimizer plan to use more images.

Then the Image Compress with Squeezeimg Nulled module will do all the image optimization for you!

Fast compression and conversion of images without visible quality loss using the Squeezeimg service. This feature minimizes the size of all your images and increases the loading speed of your websites and applications. On average, images are compressed by 50 – 80 % and pages of a website or application load much faster.

You can use the module to compress images of any size and the most popular formats – PNGJPGJPEGGIFSVGBMPTIFF.

Also the module allows you to convert images to WebPAVIF and jp2 format. After conversion, your images are reduced by 50 % compared to the original images.

And you can apply compression / conversion only for specific folders with images. This helps to use the image limit efficiently.

Image Compress with Squeezeimg Free Download

With one API key, you can compress and convert up to 1000 of your images every month for FREE.

If that’s not enough for you, you can choose and pay for a suitable Squeezeimg Image Optimizer plan Free Download (check out all pricing at

Demo :