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JetBlog Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder Nulled (v2.3.6) Free Download

JetBlog Nulled Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder Free Download
JetBlog Nulled Blogging Package for Elementor Page Builder Free Download

JetBlog Nulled empowers Elementor live page builder, adding extensive content modules to it!

Powerful Widgets: Meet the truly knockout content modules to use when creating pages with Elementor!

Show Different Regions

You will be able to show hundreds of different kinds of maps, already included:

  • A map of the entire world.
  • A continent or a sub-continent. (Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and all their sub-continents)
  • A country. (virtually all the countries in the world are included, featuring the most requested: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, India, Australia…)
  • A country divided by its regions. *
  • A state in the United States.
  • The United States divided by metropolitan areas.
  • A state in the United States divided by metropolitan areas.

Color Regions or add Markers

You can add active colored regions to the map, and display them in 2 different ways:

  • As Regions – It will color the whole region, for example a continent, subcontinent, a country, a country province, or a US state.
  • As Markers -It will display a colored bubble in the chosen regions, that can be a city, a state or a country.

Add Interactivity

You can add interactivity to the active regions:

  • A Tooltip– A tooltip will be displayed by default on hover with the information you provide.
  • An Action ? You can set up diferent kinds of action for when the user clicks in an active area. You can make a new URL open, or simply display a message. Advanced users will be able to create their own Javascript functions for customized actions, like opening information with a lightbox effect.


You will be able to costumize the visual of your maps:

  • Background color;
  • Box border width and color;
  • Inactive regions color;
  • Individual colors for each active region;
  • Markers size;
  • Width and Height of the map;

Add the Maps anywhere on your website

You can use a shortcode to include the maps in posts, pages and even in sidebar widgets! You can also add the maps to your template, with a simple php function.


If no width is specified it will load with the maximum width available in the container div. For example, it will load and adapt with different sizes for phones/ipads/laptops. However, after loaded it will not change size if you resize the window.

Since version 1.4 the plugin includes an option to make the maps fully Responsive. This will use jQuery to check if the window size changed and will redraw the map with the new available space.

Cross device and browser compatible

The maps are built in SVG, no flash is used and therefore they will display in Mac products.

CSS Hacks made easy

JetBlog Free Download There a few features that the Google Geochart API doesn’t provide by default, but the plugin provides a ‘Custom CSS Generator’ to help implement some features like hover colour change effect, implement font icons as markers, change border colour, among others.



JetBlog 2.3.6
January 4, 2024
Fixed: channel YouTube videos
Fixed: work on mobile device in the Smart Posts List widget
Updated: Vue js module

October 2, 2023
Fixed: security issue

JetBlog 2.3.5
September 20, 2023
Updated: JetDashboard Module

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