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JustFans Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Nulled (v6.8.0) Free Download

JustFans Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Nulled Free Download
JustFans Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Nulled Free Download

JustFans Premium Content Creators SaaS Nulled is a fully-featured PHP platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media platform in no time.

Main Features

• Advanced posts creation module

  1. Multiple file upload
  2. Chunked files uploads
  3. Uploaded file previews
  4. Post draft save
  5. Video conversion via ffmpeg – fallback to mp4 only uploads
  6. Watermarking for images & videos

• Advanced feed module

  1. Bidirectional feed module with swippable gallery and full screen view
  2. Media galleries with support for audio, video and image files
  3. Post comments, reactions & comments reactions

• Search module (Posts & Users search, Top, Latest, Photo, Video filters)
• Multiple payments providers & way of monetizing content

  1. Stripe & Paypal payment processors
  2. CCBill payment processor, for adult content payments
  3. Coinbase & NowPayments processors for crypto payments
  4. Monthly/Biannual/Annual subscriptions
  5. Time limited user subscriptions offers
  6. Post & User tips
  7. Pay to unlock posts
  8. Ad spots
  9. Free profiles

•JustFans Free Download Live streaming

  1. RTMP Ingestion – OBS or alternative required for creators
  2. HLS Output with Adaptive Bitrate
  3. Private/Public streams
  4. Pay per view & Subscription locked streams
  5. Live stream chat & Live viewers counter
  6. Stream VODs

JustFans Free Download The experience is powered by a mobile-first, clean and easy-to-use design, with Dark and Light mode themes, RTL, and localization capabilities. It allows your creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock posts.

Demo :


[3/16/2024] v6.8.0

* Added alternative video transcoding solution based on
* Added posters for video attachments, when available, for better loading experience under throttled networks
* Added option for setting absolute value taxes, alongside the existing percentage-based ones
* Added a native browser confirmation box when leaving the post create/edit page while files are being uploaded
* Renamed "Social media" admin settings category to "Social links" 
* Fixed the Wasabi storage provider implementation
* Fixed a set of issues related to pushrCDN storage provider implementation
* Fixed a few localization issues when using the "Use browser locale if available" option, causing different side effects
* Improved the actual available language names when the `intl` PHP extension is available
* Fixed a messenger bug where a new message wouldn't get sent if a validation error had been triggered
* Fixed an issue when the messenger send button would get disabled after receiving a validation error
* Fixed an issue when the app error page would display a blank page instead of the error page
* Fixed a small border-radius-related UI bug during video uploads on the preview element
* Fixed an issue related to tips, when bigger values than the wallet one are used, the button would be disabled
* Fixed an issue related to the themes server fallback download link
* Fixed an issue where the theming server wouldn't properly replace the color of the feed search box color
* Removed the Admin > Colors > License field in favor of the regular license code one
* Multiple documentation-related improvements
* Multiple translation strings-related tweaks and fixes
 and UI-UX tweaks
 Other small bugfixes
[2/1/2024] v6.7.0

* Added newline support for posts, increased default post excerpts preview height
* Added a new admin option that allows sending email notifications to admin users when a post is pending approval
* Added a new Admin > Payments >Withdrawals field which can be used to add custom info on the withdrawals page
* Added individual min-max value options for PPV content in the admin panel, for different categories (posts/messages/streams)
* Added Nowpayments IPN hook endpoint dialog in admin settings, for more consistency
* Fixed PWA's missing Splashscreens for iPhone 12/13/14/15
* Fixed the deprecated AI model used by the description suggestions feature
* Fixed an issue related to form submissions on reverse proxy/load balancer-based environments
* Fixed an issue where the checkout dialog box would show non-recurring providers for subscriptions on the profile page
* Fixed a local wallet subscription bug, happening on rare server environments
* Fixed a bug when users were missing referral codes on registrations, now one is created on the fly
* Fixed a bug when admin-created users would return errors while using the public site
* Fixed a bug when the recent media widget on the profile page wouldn't show the assets
* Multiple improvements over the admin-based create/edit user flows
* Improved the SEO for the login-register pages
* Created sepparate log files for the log email driver, ffmpeg, and payments log channels
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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