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Mass Site Visitor A Traffic Bot For Windows Nulled (v2.4.2) Free Download

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mass Site Visitor Nulled is sold exclusively on Envato (Codecanyon) since 2016 (I also used to sell it at SeoClerks/Codeclerks as headshote, but these marketplaces are dead now), anybody else trying to sell this bot to you is a scammer

MSV 2.4 Is Out NOW! (Nov 2023) Important Update with SimilarWeb support and better stability

Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic to websites of your choice through the list of proxies in a multi-threaded way using the power of your computer. It concurrently runs automated browser sessions in the background on your PC, and directs their traffic through proxies to the target website(s). MSV allows you to set visitor behavior from simple like page visiting, to automatic clicking random links and scrolling, to complex conditional clicks on any elements of your web page.



Version 2.4.2 released (Dec 2023):

-stability improvements

Version 2.2 released (Jun 2023):

-stability improvements
-cookie support (consult the pdf manual for the details for the cookies file format)
-option to disable image loading (caution: might make bot traffic more detectable)

Version 2.1 released (Apr 2023):

-Auto-Random user behavior simulation (clicking and scrolling) can work independently along with userscripts now
-fixed Windows 7 and some Windows Server versions compatibility issue
-updated all third-party dependencies to the latest version
-minor stability improvements

Version 2.0 released (Feb 2023):

-Auto-Random user behavior simulation (clicking and scrolling) - easy 1 click setup
-new public proxy scraping directories to help scraping better public (free) proxies
-Improved UI for saving/discarding/resetting MSV settings
-improved performance and stability, enhanced the codebase and updated dependencies to the latest versions

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