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MotoPress Hotel Booking Notifier Addon Nulled v1.2.1 Free Download

MotoPress Hotel Booking Notifier Addon Nulled
MotoPress Hotel Booking Notifier Addon Nulled

Hotel Booking Nulled Event-Driven Emails This extension allows you to create common event-driven emails/notifications, such as key pick-up instructions or house rules, before and after arrival/departure. Upsell services or offer property upgrade options by sending relevant pre-arrival emails. Ask for property reviews to get social proof in a certain number of days after check-out. Send any other type of automated relevant emails to drive ancillary revenue. Less work for a manager, a receptionist or a housekeeper.

Hotel Booking Notifier – Event-Driven Emails Highlights

Automated Arrival/Departure Event-driven Emails

Automatically send pre-arrival emails (7 days before check-in, 1 day before check-in, or any other custom period) to notify guests about the keys, lockboxes, dining facilities, or whatever you need clients to be aware of.

Send automated emails in a certain time frame after departure to collect feedback, thank customers, offer discounts, or send any other notifications and requests.

Unique Accommodation Type-based Notifications

One vacation rental runs on the self-service check-in while another requires interaction with a housekeeper? Different services are available for different rooms in a hotel? No problem, personalize automatic emails based on the accommodation types! Add custom information specific to each accommodation and be sure that the guest will receive the right email at the right moment.

Moreover, you can optionally include any custom property information to all other types of emails available in the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin GPL.

Common Notifications for All Bookings

Are there things that are the same for all accommodation types? Send unlimited accommodation-independent extra notifications for each and every booking before or after the check-in/check-out date! Promote your breakfast options, local attractions, send a “thank you” or “we miss you” letter, ask to leave a review, etc.

You don’t need to send emails on a day-to-day basis anymore – set targeted emails on autopilot.

Guest, Admin, and Custom Email Recipients

You can send the same email notifications to the guest, website administrator, and even a list of custom email addresses. Or you can opt for sending custom alerts selectively to any of these recipients.

For example, you can send the same welcome email to all guests who confirmed a booking. Or perhaps you want only a housekeeper to get a notification on each new reservation? Then you just need to create a dedicated email template, set the custom recipient’s email address, and designate when the message must be sent (e.g. 1 day before the guest’s arrival).

MotoPress Hotel Booking Notifier Free Download

Fully Customizable Templates for Automated Emails

You can create and customize email templates with numerous macros for each notification. You’ll have two email macros for custom notices for each accommodation type.

While you can have just one email template for each specific type of notification, macros get replaced with your custom information specific to each booked property. You don’t need to go about emails for every property from scratch!

You can easily test how the email notifications work right from the admin dashboard.
There is also an advanced option to automatically subscribe users to your Mailchimp lists via Hotel Booking and Mailchimp Integration Addon.

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