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OpenCart Import Export PRO Nulled v9.3.7 Free Download

OpenCart Import Export PRO Nulled Free Download
OpenCart Import Export PRO Nulled Free Download

In case of an error, the advanced import system will restore your data to just like it was before starting the import process. Panels will appear showing in real time the what is happening with your import, export and migration processes.Migrate all data between different OpenCart Import Export PRO Nulled versions almost instantly. The advanced migration system will prepare the file for the chosen destination version. You may also choose specific data to migrate (products, clients, orders, categories).

Over 500 filters to choose from to apply to your exports, the combinations are endless! “greater than or equal”, “less than or equal”, “ greater than”, “less than”, “not equal than”, “equal”, “contains”, “does not contain”, “is true”, “is false”.

Vendors synchronization / columns mapping / categories mapping
You can assign custom names for columns, as well as a default value (in case that column is empty or does not exist). You can also set the order of your fields, subtract or add tax at prices before they are imported/exported.

This is perfect for vendors synchronization, since each vendor has their own field names.

May need to run your export and import configuration profiles automatically whenever you want. We have developed a complement to be able to execute your configuration profiles in a CRON process. Perfect for vendors synchronization, stock management, prices etc.

Custom columns (EXTRA COMPONENT $29.99)
Do you have external extensions that add custom fields to your products, categories, options? How would you like to edit them in bulk?
With this add-on you can create as many custom fields as you want When you do, they will appear in the import/export profile configuration as new columns.

IMPORTANT: Only compatible with third-party fields created in NATIVE OPENCART TABLES. In case that you need export/import information from external tables, ask for a quote.The OpenCart Import Export PRO Free Download system is full compatible with Google Drive Spreadsheet, this means that you can send data from your store to a document saved in your Google Drive account (for export processes), and collect Spreadsheet data saved in your Google Drive account to process it in your store (for import processes). Other compatible formats are: XLSX, XLS, JSON, CSV, ODS, XML.