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Pickbazar Laravel Multivendor Ecommerce with React, Next Js, GraphQL & REST API Nulled (v11.0.0) Free Download

free download Pickbazar Laravel - React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor nulled
free download Pickbazar Laravel - React, Next, REST & GraphQL Ecommerce With Multivendor nulled

Pickbazar Laravel Ecommerce Nulled is a feature-rich Laravel-based ecommerce solution based on our highly acclaimed React project, Pickbazar. This comprehensive platform encompasses both REST API and GraphQL API support, offering exceptional versatility to meet your specific business needs. On the frontend, we have harnessed the power of ReactNextJS [TypeScript], and and the flexibility of Tailwind CSS.

This Laravel Ecommerce appplication comes with a lightning-fast performance, your customers will relish their shopping experience, resulting in increased growth for your ecommerce business. This ecommerce solution is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, with extensive documentation to guide you. It includes Multiple payment Gateway support (11+ payment Gateways), including Stripe, paypal integration, and the flexibility to add other payment gateways effortlessly. Additionally, it provides cash-on-delivery support for added convenience.

The full source code is readily available, making installation and deployment a breeze. With lightning-fast performance, your customers will delight in using your ecommerce store. This solution is designed to expedite the growth of your business, offering a hassle-free and efficient ecommerce experience.

Our comprehensive admin support ensures that you can effortlessly manage and maintain your orders. You will receive the entire source code, both for the frontend and backend, empowering you to take full control of your ecommerce store. Additionally, Pickbazar Laravel Ecommerce offers multivendor support, opening up opportunities to boost your revenue by facilitating multiple vendors on your platform.

Demo :


v11.0.0 4 December 2023
Major Update– [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Two new demos. – [Enhancement] & [Shop end] One new product grid for flash deals. – [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop design facelift – [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Menu items updated – [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Footer updated – [Enhancement] Pickbazar admin dashboard design facelift – [Enhancement] Pickbazar vendor & Staff dashboard design facelift – [Enhancement] Settings page is divided into multi parts. – [Enhancement] User section divided into multiple layer for better management. – [Enhancement] Shop section divided into multiple layer for better management. – [Enhancement] Products section divided into multiple layer for better management. – [Enhancement] Settings cache system for performance optimization. – [Enhancement] Documentation updated – [Enhancement] Database seeder added – Settings seeder with Console command – Demo FAQS seeder – Demo refund reason & policy seeder – [New Feature] Dashboard analytics section updated along with new analytics widgets – [New Feature] Product Preview system added. – [New Feature] Flash sale builder added – [New Feature] Terms & Condition builder added – Super admin can perform CRUD operation – Vendor also can perform CRUD operation if and only if super admin enable this feature from settings. – [New Feature] FAQs builder added – Super admin can add FAQs for global scope – Vendor can add FAQs based on his each shop – [New Feature] Refund policy builder added – [New Feature] Refund reason builder added. – [New Feature] Product inventory route added – [New Feature] Order transaction route added. – [New Feature] Real-time notification system using Pusher – Order notification – Message notification – Store notice notification – [New Feature] New filter option added in different routes – [New Feature] New Dashboard topbar – With route searching – Shop redirection & creating – Order, Store notice & messaging dropdown bar – New Profile navigation – [Issue fix] Variable products issue fix on digital item – [Issue fix] Route permission issue fix for Vendor & staff – [Issue fix] Analytics issue fix on Staff user – [Issue fix] Drafted product republish issue fix – [Issue fix] Vendor page profile information issue fix – [Issue fix] Currency cache issue fix – [Issue fix] Product carting count issue based on available inventory – [Issue fix] Messege converstation page CSS issue fix – [Issue fix] Vendor root page shop grid issue fix – [Issue fix] Variable product inventory increment/decerement issue fix based on ordering. – [Issue fix] Application fresh installation issue fix. – [Issue fix] OpenAI chatbot suggestion issue fix. – [Issue fix] Order status issue fix during order from different vendor – [Issue fix] Customer order details payment and order status fix in case of refund – [Issue fix] Toast issue fix throughout the dashboard & shop project – [Issue fix] User order note issue fix – [Issue fix] Site logo issue fix – [Issue fix] Minimum order amount issue fix – [Issue fix] Multilingual issue fix for some text strings – [Issue fix] CSS issue fix throughout the shop end v10.6.0 28 August 2023- Added currency in the exported Order Excel sheet [Enhancement] – Modified Order details in both shop and admin panel [Enhancement] – Partial Wallet Payment [Issue Fix] – Customer product review [Issue fix]. – Send notification when order status changes [Issue fix] – Sorting and filtering issue fix for both Rest and Graphql [Issue Fix]

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