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Quotations Pro – Receive and Send Quotes (PrestaShop v1.7-v8x) Nulled (v1.5.46) Free Download

Quotations Pro Receive and Send Quotes Nulled Free Download
Quotations Pro Receive and Send Quotes Nulled Free Download

Quotations Pro – Receive and Send Quotes Nulled Increase Sales. Manage customer requests, or create offers directly, offer discounts, and custom shipping prices. Customers can order directly from the quote, or create quotes and orders from the back office. Lots of extra features, see below.


The most feature complete quotes module in the addons store, 1000+ downloads!

Works with Prestashop 1.7 and 8 (all versions).

Front Office Features

  • Works in Selling mode and Catalog Mode .
  • Allow single or multiple product quotation requests.
  • Hide prices for quotable products.
  • Fully compatible with Multi-store.
  • Enable specific products for quotation.
  • Enable quotation options by customer group .
  • A quotation cart provides multiple product quotation requests where the customer can add enabled products to the quote cart and, when ready, request the quotation.
  • Convert the shopping cart to a quotation request, or download a PDF copy.
  • Customers can purchase a quote directly from the quote email .
  • Quotation details, and history, available in the customer account area.
  • Convert a quote to an order quickly.
  • Recaptcha v3 support, prevent spam requests.
  • Support Prestashop customization fields, saved customization information will be present in the quote request.
  • Download a PDF copy of the quotation offer.

Back Office Features

  • Full quotation management , keep track of requests and create, edit and send offers.
  • Add and edit multiple product lines at the same time.  Quickly edit your quotations to get your offer to your customer as quickly as possible.
  • PDF and Email template editor . No need to edit templates directly, use the WYSIWYG editor to create your own PDF, Email and fast reply templates.
  • Many quotation data points available for insertion into the templates.
  • Set quotation expiration dates.   Highlight expiring offers in the back office.
  • Form editor allows you to capture all the necessary information in order to accurately create a quote for your customer. 
  • Multiple form element types available:

    – TextField    – Text Area    -Button    – Drop down selection    – Date Selection    – Checkbox    – 

Address Form – The address form can be used to 

automatically create a customer account , with an address, for fast ordering possibilities.

  • Create multiple request forms , assigned by product categories, capture different customer information for different products in your catalogue.
  • Offer a personalized customer product price for each product in a quotation.
  • Add discounts to quotations, which will be applied to an order during checkout.
  • Add custom shipping costs to your quotation, which will be applied to an order during checkout.
  • Restrict the shipping options shown to the customer based on the shipping added to the quotation.
  • Fast response option. Give an instant response to the customer, and create quotation, and send emails asynchronously for a better user experience.
  • Send the quote to the customer via email 
  • Customer can purchase directly from the email .
  • Quote available in customer account area.
  • If using a catalog only enabled store, the customer can request an order to be created by an employee using the same notification system via their account section. 
  • See the number of quotation requests that need a response in the back office header, and in the FavIcon
  • Save a quotation as a template , and quickly create new quotations using the saved details.
  • Fully supports taxation system , capture the invoice and delivery details, and calculate the tax based on your selection.
  • Set an expiration date for the quote, customer will see this in the email and in the customer account area.
  • Export quotes to PDF .
  • Customer communications integrated into the Prestashop customer service process.



Version 1.5.51 – 02/15/2024

PrestaShop Compatibility: – 8.1.5

  • [FEATURE] Post errors to prestashop logs screen.
  • [BUG] Fix quotation owner filter
  • [BUG] Add customer form data to pdf templates
  • [BUG] Update translations
  • [BUG] Prevent possible template error when creating a new quotation.
  • [FEATURE] Add option to delete or maintain current quotation request when converting shopping cart
  • [FEATURE] Add warning when product has not stock when adding to quotation in the back office
  • [FEATURE] Add new form elements, section header with text or html, start/end dates.
  • [FEATURE] Add warning when entering form id that is already in use
  • [BUG] Prevent expired quote being purchased from email link
  • [FEATURE] Add option to set the replyTo value for a quotation email to the quotation owner

Version 1.5.46 – 06/09/2023

PrestaShop Compatibility: – 8.1.5

  • [BUG] Change license validation timeout.
  • [FEATURE] Add product combination ordering and search option
  • [BUG] Set quotation tokens when changing status in quotation admin.
  • [FEATURE] Restrict carriers when product carriers have been selected.
  • [BUG] Include product combo weight in calculation
  • [BUG] Round percentage discount to 2 decimal places.
  • [BUG] Suppress errors and warnings from Html2Text
  • [BUG] Add additional error checks for missing customer service accounts

Version 1.5.44 – 06/21/2023

PrestaShop Compatibility: – 8.0.4

  • Add quotation reference as order note

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