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Rental Products Nulled v4.0.3 [by 99w] Free Download

Rental Products Nulled [by 99w] Free Download
Rental Products Nulled [by 99w] Free Download

Looking to sell rentals in your store? Rental Products Nulled extension has all the features you need to create “rental only” or “rental or purchase” products. With a huge amount of product options for pricing, availability, deposits, calendar, information, add-ons, etc you’ll be sure to be able to configure your rentals exactly as required.

Once you have created Rental Products [by 99w] Nulled your customers can select rental dates from an easy to use calendar on the product page, see a total cost calculation and add to cart. The extension also includes several rental management features including an overview calendar of all rentals, inventory totals and plenty of order management tools to process orders, mark rentals as returned, etc.

This extension is primarily designed for stores who wish to ship rental products to customers and have them shipped back. Depending on your pricing and availability requirements it may not be suitable for in-person rentals/collections/bookings.

Rental Products [by 99w] Free Download show an easy to use calendar where customers can pick their rental dates, it works great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Once the customer has picked their rental dates the total cost is calculated and displayed without the product page reloading, ready to add to cart.

Include this in your customer journey so customers can select their desired rental dates and then every rental product in the store shows an availability status.

Rental only products can only be rented, rental or purchase products are normal purchasable products but also allow the customer to rent the product.