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Restaurant for WooCommerce Nulled (v2.0.7) Free Download [by WPExperts]


Create an online menu & ordering system with Restaurant for WooCommerce Nulled – The secret to owning a successful restaurant business.

Owning a restaurant is the same as owning any other business. You have to be smart and pay attention to trends to keep up with the competition.

Today, the secret of owning a successful restaurant business depends on having a web presence, and one of the best ways to showcase your brand online is by using Restaurant for WooCommerce GPL – a smart and intuitive way to present your restaurant, bar, or cafe menu to online users.

  • Simple and clean menu design — Display your product data (product name, ID, or category) in ascending or descending order;
  • Easily create your restaurant menu – Create an online restaurant menu by converting your WooCommerce shop page into a restaurant page;
  • Add multiple delivery options — Offer your customers various options (free delivery, express delivery, etc.);
  • Interactive mini-cart widget — The extension’s mini-cart widget shows your customers their order summary;
  • Modify products and categories — Expand your menu options by adding extras and other add-ons;
  • Display your restaurant’s hours of operation — The front-end menu will display the restaurant’s status (open or closed), so your customers can order accordingly;
  • Shuffle categories & products – Re-arrange food products and categories on your menu as per your requirement. Bring your best-selling or newly introduced food items and categories to the top of the menu using the drag-and-drop functionality from the back-end.

Keep up with the competition with Restaurant for WooCommerce Free Download advanced features and functions — easy-to-use & responsive on all devices.

Demo :


Version 2.0.7
RELEASED ON 2023-06-15
Compatible with WooCommerce Subscription.
Delivery Time slots.
Twilio Integration.
Tested upto Php version 8 and woocommerce version 7.5.
Add condition to check if rms script is enqueued correctly.
Code Optimized.
Security Issue.
Version 2.0.6
RELEASED ON 2022-09-01
Cart Icon not visible.
Version 2.0.5
RELEASED ON 2022-06-02
Max order limit
Tip options
Suggested products on cart
Category thumbnail notice error.
Filter to change the Add to cart button text on menu.

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