RISE Ultimate Project Manager Nulled (v3.6.1) Free Download

RISE Nulled is an excellent project management and CRM application that enhances productivity and customer satisfaction. You can manage your projects, clients & team easily in one place. It includes everything you need to manage your business effectively.

About RISE


Add unlimited projects and tasks. Assign tasks to your team members, truck time spent on each project and tasks and send invoices to your customers. Setup milestones, see auto calculated project progression and meet the deadlines. Collaborate with your team members and get feedback from your clients.


Followup work progression more clearly. Assign tasks to your team members and monitor the statuses. Team members can comment and attach files on the tasks. Mention users in comments and get instant notifications. Easily create multiple tasks and clone similar tasks. Add check lists and labels for better understanding.

Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks automatically on your scheduled days. If you need to do same kinds of tasks after every certain time, then set the recurring tasks. You can set the time duration as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to create the tasks.

Estimate requests

Create estimate request forms according to your services and get estimate requests from leads and your customers. It helps to get more projects and find potential clients.


Send estimates to your clients based on their estimate request or the service you provide for them. Send estimate email with pdf and get approval from your clients. Create projects from the estimates and convert the estimates into invoices.


Add your custom invoices and send email with attached invoice pdf to your clients. It supports different currency for different clients. Get records of your invoices and filter by different statuses.Set multiple taxes in the invoices. Change the invoice color and logo to match with your brand. Set custom footer in the pdf for additional information.

Recurring invoices

Set recurring invoices to auto generate monthly, yearly or different time periods invoices. Send the invoices automatically and reduce extra work.


It support online payments via Stripe, PayPal and Paytm. You can enable or disable the partial payments option. It generates payment confirmation notification and mark the invoice paid automatically.


RISE Nulled build by Codeigniter 4. It’s fast and easy to use. All UI designed to give you a quick navigation. We described a few of RISE Free Download here. There are many more in the demo…

RISE Free Download

We are updating the RISE Free Download regularly based on thousands of customer feedback. As a result, we’ve built such a beautiful, user friendly, easy to use and flexible software! You can download the full source code and install it in your server.

Demo :


Version 3.6.1 – 13 March, 2024
Change logs
Version 3.6.1 – 13 March, 2024
[Added] Added GST number in the company settings and applied on invoice, estimate and other places
[Fixed] Knowledge base page is not loading
[Fixed] Some notifications are not working
[Fixed] Wrong currency symbol in the invoice overview widget
[Fixed] Some security issues in the client details page
[Fixed] Client currency editing error

Version 3.6 – 28 Feb, 2024
Change logs
Version 3.6 – 28 Feb, 2024
[Added] File manager module
[Added] File folders in the client details page and client portal
[Added] Customizable client permissions for different contacts
[Added] Non-primary contact’s default permission settings
[Added] Primary contact can update the permissions of the non-primary contacts
[Added] Different kinds of invoice number format
[Added] Option to reset the invoice number based on year
[Added] Invoice PDF background image settings
[Added] Team members import functionality
[Added] PDF download option for the contracts and proposals
[Added] New PDF friendly contract and proposal template (Template 3.6)
[Added] Audio recording functionality on all contexts
[Added] Projects import functionality
[Added] Subscriptions tab in the client details page
[Added] The expired tasks count in the tasks dashboard widget
[Added] Option to import tasks with priority
[Added] Access permission setting to hide project files and comments for team members
[Added] Person/organization select option in lead
[Added] Settings to remove fields from the lead embedded form
[Added] Client contacts import functionality
[Added] Subscription cancellation notification
[Added] Subscription cancellation notification
[Added] Estimate signing date time
[Added] Commenting functionality in proposal
[Added] Track email and preview events on proposals
[Added] Client filter in the tickets list view
[Added] Repeat type and next billing date filters in the subscription list
[Added] First billing date column in the subscriptions table
[Added] Projects widget for client portal dashboard
[Added] Option to setup recurring cycle interval. 2 months, 2 years, etc. in subscription
[Added] Show signing info on contracts and proposals both for clients and admin side
[Added] Phone number column in the clients list view
[Updated] Improved file preview modal
[Updated] Improved Gantt usability including the dependency and child tasks linkup
[Updated] .webm file format in the accepted file format
[Updated] Design issues in invoice, estimate, order, proposal and contract pdf
[Updated] Design of the lead kanban card
[Updated] App redirect should support only to the same domain
[Updated] Invoice settings page  
[Fixed] Subscription invoice notification last email sent data is empty
[Fixed] Client can’t download estimates
[Fixed] Subtask filter icon is missing in the task list
[Fixed] Client notes view permission issue
[Fixed] Login disable option is missing for client contacts
[Fixed] My open tasks count widget shows wrong count
[Fixed] Comment link error
[Fixed] Don’t show inactive help categories on the details page
[Fixed] User can’t see the estimate request in client details page
[Fixed] Project progress is missing in excel export
[Fixed] Wrong column in leads proposal list view
[Fixed] Shopping cart editing is not working
[Fixed] Search box typing issue

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