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SearchWP + Addons Nulled (v4.3.15) Free Download

SearchWP  + Addons Nulled Free Download
SearchWP  + Addons Nulled Free Download

SearchWP Nulled is a WordPress search plugin from the developers of SearchWP Free Download that makes it easy to find content on your site. It supports detailed search of e-commerce products, PDF and Doc files, custom content, shortcodes, taxonomies, and title and post search optimization.

SearchWP Nulled works with all Custom Fields in any way you’d like, including data from popular plugins like:

and more! Further, SearchWP Nulled makes it easy to customize & refine the data during indexing which ensures you’re getting the best possible search results.

SearchWp Addons List

  • SearchWP v4.3.15 [Activated]
  • SearchWP Nimble Builder Integration v1.0
  • SearchWP Meta Box Integration v1.1.0
  • SearchWP BigCommerce Integrationv1.2.0
  • SearchWP Custom Results Order v1.3.7
  • SearchWP EDD Integration v1.1.0
  • SearchWP bbPress Integration v1.3.1
  • SearchWP Give Integration v1.1.0
  • SearchWP Co-Authors Plus Integration v1.2.0
  • SearchWP Boolean Search Query v1.4.3
  • SearchWP Dutch Keyword Stemmer v1.2.4
  • SearchWP DirectoryPress Integration v1.7.0
  • SearchWP Greek Keyword Stemmer v1.0.1
  • SearchWP HeroThemes Integration v1.2.0
  • SearchWP Enable Media Replace Integration v1.1.3
  • SearchWP Diagnostics v1.5.2
  • SearchWP German Keyword Stemmer v1.0.2
  • SearchWP Fuzzy Matches v1.4.4
  • SearchWP Exclude UI v1.2.3
  • SearchWP LIKE Terms v2.4.6
  • SearchWP Term Highlight v2.1.14
  • SearchWP Live Ajax Search v1.7.6
  • SearchWP Manage Ignored v1.0.0
  • SearchWP Polylang Integration v1.3.9
  • SearchWP Term Archive Priority v1.2.2
  • SearchWP Swedish Keyword Stemmer v2.0.2
  • SearchWP Shortcodes v1.8.4
  • SearchWP PrivateContent Integration v1.3.0
  • SearchWP Term Synonyms v2.4.14
  • SearchWP WooCommerce Integration v1.3.12
  • SearchWP WP Document Revisions Integration v1.1.0
  • SearchWP WP Job Manager Integration v1.6.1
  • SearchWP Xpdf Integration v1.3.0
  • SearchWP WPML Integration v1.6.11
  • SearchWP Metrics v1.4.4
  • SearchWP Related Content v1.5.1
  • SearchWP Redirects v1.4.2
  • SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms v0.0.3
  • SearchWP MyListing Integration v1.1.0
  • SearchWP Modal Search Form v0.5.3
  • SearchWP Flatsome Integration v1.0.4
  • SearchWP BetterDocs Integration v1.0.0


(Don’t worry developers, custom integrations & hooks are a big focus too!)

WordPress already has search functionality, SearchWP steps in by integrating with your existing search form and results template.

There is no coding necessary to replace your existing keyword search form or results template! SearchWP automatically integrates with native WordPress search forms in:

  • Default themes
  • Custom themes
  • Your themes!

Demo :



  • [Change] Improved license handling.
  • [Fix] Indexer running even when paused in some cases.


  • [New] Onboarding Wizard to simplify the initial setup.
  • [Change] Added an attribute to Search Forms to support non-default engine in Live Ajax Search.
  • [Change] SearchWP Results template supports Metrics click tracking.
  • [Update] Translation files.
  • [Fix] SearchWP Results template produces errors in some cases when working with custom sources.


  • [Fix] Search Form with Default engine and Default results page produces no results in some cases.


  • [Change] Supplemental Engines with no custom Sources can use the Default results page in Search Forms.
  • [Fix] Installation error on some systems triggered by hidden system files.


  • [Fix] PHP error in some admin pages.

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