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SmartEnd CMS Laravel admin dashboard Nulled (v10.0.3) Free Download

SmartEnd CMS Laravel admin dashboard Nulled Free Download
SmartEnd CMS Laravel admin dashboard Nulled Free Download

SmartEnd CMS Nulled is a powerful admin dashboard with all features you may need to build any type of websites, built using Laravel 8.0 framework, Smartend contains Dashboard,Frontend and flexible Restful API. Open source and can be updated easily to fit your requirements.


  • A perfect and stylish dashboard with 4 different colors and styles.
  • Responsive Admin Panel.
  • Multi Languages Support.
  • Two directions LTR and RTL.
  • Laravel 10.0 powerful Framework.
  • Secure dashboard with login access and reset password functionality.
  • A webmaster permission to mange site sections and main features.
  • Dashboard with quick overview of all the modules.
  • All general settings you will need for any website.
  • Dynamic website sections, pages and categories.
  • Drag & Drop Editor with full content control
  • Different Text editors you can choose your favourite one
  • Multi Login features with Facebook ,Twitter, Google, LinkedIN, Github, Bitbucket.
  • Control google Tags & Analytics control in dashboard.
  • Control activate/Deactivate captcha from dashboard.
  • Control Email settings control in dashboard.
  • Ability to clear cache feature.
  • Ability to add additional custom fields to any section (CRUD).
  • Automatic sitemap generator (/sitemap.xml or /sitemap/en).
  • SEO settings and ability to activate friendly URLs.
  • Multi categories choosing for every topic.
  • Related topics tab for every topic.
  • Ability to activate/disable registration feature for the dashboard.
  • Every section fields and features management.
  • Adding ability to activate expire date with topics of any section.
  • Adding ability to activate attaching more files with any topic.
  • Text editor for every page.
  • Multi upload module to upload bulk of photos.
  • Google map module to add multi maps in pages.
  • SEO module for every page and section to help improve your website.
  • Icon picker to choose icons for categories and pages.
  • Additional fields for Arabic language can be activated.
  • Control activate or deactivate APPs for dashboard.
  • Search engine to search any where in dashboard.
  • One place (Menu) to add every thing in your website.
  • Categories and subcategories management.
  • Banners and sliders management.
  • Powerful inbox will ability to connect your webmail.
  • Multiple reports with graphical illustrations.
  • Notifications with new emails and events.
  • Users Permission Control.
  • Visual Translations.

Demo :


Version 10.0.3 (February 23, 2024)
How to update to Smartend version 10.0.3?- Update: To The latest Laravel v10.44.0 (Requires PHP >= 8.1). – Fix: Category defining on importing data to the site section. – Fix: Add the translation of all languages to the date picker. – Fix: Hide the language flag for one language websites – Fix: Speedup loading for dashboard data tables on big data. – Feature: Improve loading speed by indexing, caching config and route caching. – Feature: Improve SEO and add nested slugs by section/category/topic. – Feature: Rebuild frontend theme with bootstrap 5 support. – Feature: Add more control of frontend theme colors with predefined sets. – Feature: Ability to make the menu bar transparent over the homepage slider. – Feature: Add custom video player for hosted video files. – Feature: Add custom sound player for audio files. – Feature: Add the FAQ section (Accordion View) type – Feature: Add clone topics feature. – Feature: Ability to add up to 3 levels on the main website menu. – Feature: Ability to add up to 3 levels on categories. – Feature: Ability to add an icon to any link on the website menu. – Feature: Ability to set links to open in a new tab automatically. – Feature: Ability to add a custom link for every language on the website menu. – Feature: Support any language on page slugs. – Feature: Add cover photo for site section, category or topic. – Feature: Add Support to “.webp” extension on photos. – Feature: Add optimize & resize feature for images on SEO settings. – Feature: Show sitemap links on SEO settings. – Feature: Ability to add html on close message on maintenance mode. – Feature: Add custom route file and custom controller for any customization. – Feature: Ability to overwrite any page by custom coded page. – Feature: Add Table of content feature for CKEditor. – Feature: Add Thread link on social media links. – Feature: Ability to show a general search box on frontend header. – Feature: Ability to show cookies policy notification. IMPORTANT: This update will affect your website SEO because it will change all the website links to a new nested path depending on “section/category/topic”. You may need to change some pages slugs or menu links. – Update: To The latest Laravel v10.14.1 (Requires PHP >= 8.1). – Fix: Add the full file path on File Manager properties window. – Fix: Add the full uel for files and images on tinymce wysiwyg Editor – Fix: RSS issue on some site sections. – Fix: Related topics issue if topic was deleted. – Fix: Show the frontend footer always on the page end. – Fix: Change Analytics page url column length to text. – Feature: Add an internal Updater for quick system updating. – Feature: Add the reCAPTCHA if activated to the login page. – Feature: Add the ability to import data to any site section on dashboard. – Feature: Return to the same page after changing the language on frontend. – Feature: Add new type of site sections (Private with search page on frontend). – Feature: Show the ID with every record on dashboard. – Feature: Add share via Whatsapp button to topic view page. – Feature: Add Português Language with full translation (Thanks to falecomluanbispo). Version 9.1.1 (March 18, 2023)- Fix: Sending mail connection fail issue on some servers. – Fix: Social login access token field limit issue. – Fix: date time picker issue with latest jQuery update. – Fix: disable double click on login button. – Update: fullcalendar to the latest version. Version 9.1.0 (March 03, 2023)- Update: To The latest Laravel v9.52.4 (Requires PHP >= 8.0). – Update: Frontend and backend jQuery to v3.6.3 – Feature: Adding new drag and drop editor for page contents. – Feature: Support bootstrap css on page editor view. – Feature: Ability to disable automatic publish on page creation. – Feature: Adding new Radio and checkbox field types. – Feature: Convert any link to anchor automatically on custom fields. – Feature: Use the link field for partners images on home page. – Feature: Improve front page load speed and SEO. – Feature: Add default header and footer in 404 page. – Fix: User weak password not accepted issue alert issue. – Fix: Fix unknown IP and country details in Analytics. – Fix: Webmaster setting save failed issue if some apps disabled. – Fix: Site title variable that was not shown with page title. – Fix: Check file exist before deleting a language. – Fix: Custom field ordering on list printing page.

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