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Solid Affiliate Adds an Affiliate Platform to Your WordPress Store Nulled (v1.9.1) Free Download

free download Solid Affiliate nulled
free download Solid Affiliate nulled

The Solid Affiliate Plugin Nulled for WooCommerce. Build, manage and track your own affiliate program from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

  • Automatic tracking
  • Mass payouts
  • Unlimited affiliates

Easy to set up, reliable, powerful, and priced fairly. Solid Affiliate’s setup wizard and intuitive interface make it easy to launch and grow your affiliate program.

Demo :


Version 1.9.0 — February 15th, 2024
WooCommerce Integration Deepened. Variable Products now supported: Expanded Solid Affiliate fields to WooCommerce Product > Variations, ensuring a seamless integration and enhanced flexibility in managing affiliate-related product variations.
Product Variation Commission Insights: Introduced insights for product variations in commissions, providing a clearer understanding of commission dynamics across different product variations.
High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) Support: Implemented support for WooCommerce HPOS, optimizing Solid Affiliate for high-performance environments and ensuring compatibility with the latest WooCommerce innovations.
Enhanced JavaScript Handling: Removed jQuery dependency for a leaner, faster loading of scripts and introduced an updated visits.js file, aiming at improving site speed and user interaction.
Debugging and Logging Improvements: Added a new Solid Debug Admin License Tab and updated SolidLogger to handle larger files, enhancing diagnostics and monitoring capabilities.
System Performance and Code Quality: Numerous updates aimed at improving system performance, including fixing tests, updating composer dependencies, and addressing PHP 8.2 deprecation warnings. We've also made strides in code quality by resolving all psalm errors and upgrading to Psalm 5.18.0.
WordPress Multisite Compatibility: Updated capabilities for editing affiliates to function properly on multisite installations, ensuring Solid Affiliate's full functionality across networked sites.
Shortcodes Update: Introduced shortcode solid_affiliate_current_affiliate_coupon_code, enhancing the toolkit available for affiliate promotion and management.
Psalm Analysis: Extensive work on improving code quality through Psalm analysis, achieving zero errors and updating psalm configurations for enhanced code reliability.
PHP and Composer Updates: Updated lowest end PHP version from 7.3.8 to 7.4.0 across our continuous integration suite and all relevant docker containers used internally, and performed multiple updates on composer dependencies to ensure compatibility and performance.
Testing and Debugging Enhancements: Continuous efforts in testing and debugging to ensure stability, including fixes to WooCommerce bugs and adjustments to comply with PHP 8.2 standards.

Version 1.8.0 — December 20th, 2023

Reports Improvement: Fixed the display issue in the Reports > Affiliates table for more accurate data presentation.
Data Export Enhancement: The data exports page can now handle significantly larger exports.
Referral Source Formatting: Improved formatting for the referral source, enhancing readability and usability.
Admin Table Update: The Affiliate Admin table now includes an 'Assigned Coupons' column, providing more comprehensive data at a glance.
Referral Table Enhancement: The Referrals table now displays the coupon code in the referral source for easier tracking.
Creatives Field Update: Upgraded the Creatives > Description field to a larger text area, enhancing user interaction.
Localization Improvements: Added several strings to the translation list, expanding language support.
Solid Navigator Removal: Removed SolidNavigator entirely for a streamlined experience. Solid Navigator was an experimental feature that added WordPress-wide navigation. The latest version of WordPress actually ended up making a similar feature, so we're just removing ours to keep things clean.
Shortcodes and Translation Update: Updated shortcodes for better functionality and improved the Taiwanese translation file for enhanced localization.
Uninstall Script Enhancements: Updated the Uninstall script to include all tables for a comprehensive cleanup. Also, AffiliateMeta is now deleted when an affiliate is removed, ensuring data integrity and cleanliness.
Code Quality Improvement: Addressed issues identified by psalm to improve code quality and reliability.
New Feature – Create a coupon for each existing Affiliate: Introduced a new feature to create a coupon for each existing affiliate, enhancing our widely used auto-coupons addon functionality. Previously, it would only create a coupon for any new affiliates. Now, there's a big button you can push and the plugin will go and generate a coupon for each of your existing affiliates. Pretty nifty stuff imo.

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