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Tairo Multipurpose Nuxt Tailwind CSS Dashboard System Nulled (v1.4.0) Free Download

Tairo Multipurpose Nuxt Tailwind CSS Dashboard System Nulled Free Download
Tairo Multipurpose Nuxt Tailwind CSS Dashboard System Nulled Free Download

Tairo Nulled is not a theme or a simple template, it is a full dashboard design system. Tairo is a full rewrite of Vuero using Nuxt and Tailwind CSS instead of Vue and Bulma. It provides ready pages to start building your application effortlessly, as well as a set of additional elements that will help you create new pages for your specific needs. Everything you need to start is there, dashboards, forms, layouts, profile, apps, elements, components and much more. Tairo ships with Shuriken UI, its own UI library, offering many customizations options. Its built-in quickstarter will help you jumpstart your project in no time. Please note however that Tairo is not a WordPress theme.

Download Tairo Multipurpose Nuxt Tailwind CSS Dashboard System Nulled

Built with Nuxt

Nuxt is a free and open-source framework with an intuitive and extendable way to create type-safe, performant and production-grade full-stack web applications and websites with Vue.js. Nuxt uses conventions and an opinionated directory structure to automate repetitive tasks and allow developers to focus on pushing features. The configuration file can still customize and override its default behaviors.

Vite Powered

Tairo is powered by Vite. Vite is an opinionated web dev build tool that serves your code via native ES Module imports during dev and bundles it with Rollup for production. Vite features lightning-fast cold server start, instant hot module replacement (HMR) and true on-demand compilation.

Tailwind CSS

Tairo uses Tailwind CSS as its styling engine. Tairo is built with a custom Nuxt component library named Shuriken UI. Those components are dead simple and very customizable, in terms of shapes, variations and colors.

Modular Code

Tairo source code follows approved best practives and with a modular approach. Everything is already sliced in layers for a better code maintainability.

Nice looking starters

Tairo features 100+ prebuilt pages. it ships into a complete admin / webapp design system that you can use in your favorite platform or in a totally custom project

Responsive design

Tairo is based on Flexbox and CSS grid, wich are natively fit for mobile and tablets. Tairo is ultra responsive.


  • 100+ demo pages
  • Blazing fast Vite bundler
  • Nuxt extensible layers
  • Native SSR and SEO
  • Hot Reloading
  • Graphic assets
  • Configurable UI library
  • Native Dark Mode
  • RTL support

Demo :

Download Tairo Multipurpose Nuxt Tailwind CSS Dashboard System Nulled


 Version 1.4.0 - Jan 25, 2024

### Features

- add autocomplete country example
- add password input component and dependencies, replacement to TairoPasswordStrength
- Add phone input component and dependencies
- add shuriken-gradient.svg and shuriken-gradient-dark.svg logos
- input number component usage and add related documentation
- refactor autocomplete examples
- refactor button-action, accordion, avatar and breadcrumb docs
- replace prettier with eslint stylistic
- **TairoPopover:** improve component placement with floating ui
- update avatar and accordion docs
- update checkbox docs
- update components doc examples and text
- update components documentation
- update documentation overview
- update input docs
- update input file docs
- update input number docs
- update listbox docs
- update Mapbox styles and geocoder placement
- update nuxt configuration files
- update nuxt, shuriken-ui and zod
- update remaining docs pages
- upgrade to shuriken-ui v2 and nuxt v3.9

### Bug Fixes

- add panel emits demo
- convert charts series to use shallowRef
- **demo:** new event date picker data binding
- improve server response type
- lazyload markdown imports
- markdown rendering reactivity
- move unused dependencies from layers to demo
- null reference errors in app.tairo properties
- page and layout transitions to app configuration
- replace tailwind w/h classes with size
- use BaseCheckbox and BaseIconBox color props
- use import.meta.env instead of process.env

  Version 1.3.0 - Sep 19, 2023

### Features

* **TairoFlexTableCell:** add clamp property
* **TairoTable:** add scrollable property
* **Topnav:** add configuration for the footer

### Bug Fixes

* disable custom assets names
* documentation component meta
* **inbox:** mobile layout mobile size issue
* nuxt loading indicator color
* **onboarding:** improve OTP input
* replace shiki with shikiji
* squeezed color switcher button on mobile landing navbar
* **TairoTopnavLayout:** allow to not provide header component
* **TairoTopnavLayout:** remove unnecessary required props
* **Topnav:** disable transition on theme toggle
* update vue3-smooth-dnd + remove related pnpm patch
* upgrade engines to node 18 and pnpm 8

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