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Google Analytics Pro v2.1.1 Nulled GA4 and Universal-Analytics Module [v1.7] Free Download

Google Analytics Pro GA4 and Universal-Analytics Module Nulled
Google Analytics Pro GA4 and Universal-Analytics Module Nulled

Google Analytics Pro : GA4 and Universal-Analytics Module Nulled


Install the new generation tag Google Analytics 4 GPL and get more relevant data collection with Google’s machine learning. Combine Universal Analytics (UA) and GA4 for complementary and innovative reporting

What this module does for you

Our module installs on your store the Google Analytics 4 Nulled tracking tag which is based on the innovative Google machine learning technology. Thanks to this intelligent tag, you will be able to benefit from all the latest generation of Analytics reports that allow an in-depth understanding of your business, your customers’ profile and their behavior towards your products. Track your customers’ activity in real time, analyze current sales trends, anticipate their future actions, study your potential revenues according to different parameters, etc. Google’s predictive metrics will help you improve your marketing decisions and optimize your budget for a better return on investment!

In addition to all the basic events automatically collected, the tag installed on your site by our module is configured to detect events recommended for e-commerce and more! Also enable GA4 enhanced measurements for even more collected data.


You were using Universal Analytics and want to keep your configuration and reports? No problem, simply associate Universal Analytics with Google Analytics 4 Nulled in your Google Analytics account and benefit from both types of complementary reports. Your Universal reports will not be impacted and will continue to collect data through the tag placed on your site.


Simply enter your GA4 measurement ID and, if needed, your Universal Analytics tracking ID and start collecting your first data!

Moreover, the flexibility of the module allows you to adapt the tag to your theme if it uses custom HTML elements for any event triggered by a click (select item from list, remove item from cart, log in etc…). You also benefit from advanced settings such as selecting order statuses associated with refunded or partially refunded orders, or customizing the conversion values sent to Google.

Google Analytics Pro : GA4 and Universal-Analytics Module Free Download

Finally, as always with the BusinessTech modules, each configuration step is explained and accompanied by detailed step-by-step documentation.

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