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WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro [Wp Trio] Nulled (v3.1.2) Free Download

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro [Wp Trio] Nulled Free Download
WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro [Wp Trio] Nulled Free Download

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro [Wp Trio] Nulled is used to modify shipping methods based on conditions. You can enable and disable shipping methods and set shipping costs conditionally. With several different conditions it’s possible to implement almost any kind of logic to shipping methods.

This plugin works with existing WooCommerce shipping methods and zones. For example, you can modify free shipping, flat rate, local pickup and other types of shipping methods. It also works with 3rd party plugins which use WooCommerce shipping zone functionality.


You have two types of shipping methods in the store: freight shipping for large products and Economy shipping for small products. The shipping methods have been created with WooCommerce Flat Rate shipping method.

You want to disable Economy shipping if there are any freight products in the cart. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create shipping class “Freight only” and assign it to large products
  2. Create ruleset with the following conditions and actions
    1. Conditions
      1. Shipping Classes – Includes – Freight only
    2. Actions
      1. Disable shipping methods – Economy
      2. Enable shipping methods – Freight

Now freight shipping is the only available shipping method if there are any freight products in the cart. You could also disable free shipping for freight products.

Example 2

You want to offer free shipping for special product. With Conditional Shipping Pro you can also set shipping costs conditionally.

  1. Create a ruleset with the following conditions
    1. Conditions
      1. Products – Includes (exclusive) – Your special product
    2. Actions
      1. Set shipping method price – Economy – $ 0

Now Economy shipping will be free for the special product. If there is anything else in the cart, normal cost will be used.

There are many plugins like this, how is this is different?

Most conditional shipping plugins implement their own custom shipping methods. Usually, these shipping methods are not compatible with WooCommerce shipping zones which restricts functionality.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping instead attaches directly to existing shipping methods. You can use your current shipping methods created with shipping zones. It is simpler solution, more native to WooCommerce and has same flexibility.

WooCommerce Conditional Shipping Pro [Wp Trio] Nulled Features

  • Restrict available shipping methods based on conditions
  • Set, increase and decrease shipping costs based on conditions
  • Set custom “no shipping methods available” message based on conditions
  • Support for dynamic shipping rates such as USPS and DHL
  • Debug mode for easy troubleshooting
  • Available conditions
    • Package Measurements
      • Total Weight
      • Total Height
      • Total Width
      • Total Length
      • Total Volume
    • Product Measurements (highest and/or lowest)
      • Weight
      • Height
      • Width
      • Length
    • Cart
      • Subtotal
      • Number of Items
      • Products
      • Shipping Classes
      • Categories
      • Coupons
      • Product Attributes (e.g. size or color)
    • Customer
      • Logged in / out
      • WordPress user role
    • Billing / Shipping Address
      • ZIP / Postal Code
      • State
      • Country
    • Misc
      • Current weekday (for example food delivery only on Friday – Sunday)
      • Current time (for example food delivery between 18:00 – 23:00)
  • Available actions which may be run if conditions pass
    • Enable shipping methods
    • Disable shipping methods
    • Set shipping method price
    • Increase shipping method price
    • Decrease shipping method price
    • Set custom “no shipping methods available” message
    • Set custom shipping notice
      • Will be shown on the checkout when the conditions pass



Added multicurrency support for Price Based on Country for WooCommerce
Changed plugin text domain to conditional-shipping-for-woocommerce to allow translations
Declared WooCommerce 8.x and WordPress 6.3 compatibilities
Added Match by name option for selecting shipping methods based on their name
Declared compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS)
Added option for hiding Pro features

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