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Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel Nulled v.1.0.0 Free Download

Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel Nulled Free Download
Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel Nulled Free Download

Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel Nulled Our signature dark theme now comes not only with a Vue frontend, but also with an API-powered Laravel backend. We’ve partnered with UPDIVISION to create the ultimate fullstack tool for building web, mobile & desktop apps. Complete with all the functionalities of a lightweight CMS, right out of the box.

What am I getting?

You’re getting a multi-purpose tool for building complex apps. The API backend is reusable across projects, so you can connect it across web, mobile or desktop. You’re also getting all the functionality of a lightweight CMS through ready-to-use CRUD API endpoints and an awesome-looking frontend to go with it. Using one of our most successful dark themes.

Vue Black Dashboard PRO Laravel Free Download at a glance:

  • 200 handcrafted UI components, from cards and charts to tables and inputs
  • 28 example pages to get you inspired
  • 17 customized plug-ins
  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON API resource
  • Laravel API backend
  • CRUD endpoints for the most used functionalities in any CMS: role-based authentication system, my profile, CRUDs for managing users, roles, items, categories and tags
  • Documentation for each component and API endpoint

How is this different from your other Laravel dashboards?

Rather than having a monolith Laravel backend, the API does all the heavy lifting, so you can:

  • cut development time by keeping frontend-backend conflicts to a minimum
  • never argue again about how responses should be formatted. By following JSON:API standards we make sure you never get an array when you’re expecting a string.
  • have everything work seamlessly, regardless of your project. The API backend is reusable across devices.
  • keep everything neat and tidy, but also easily shareable across team members. We make sure you don’t lose steam as you extend functionalities through API and grow your app.

How is JSON:API different?

  • comes with filtering, sorting, pagination, includes & more
  • it’s great at making your JSON response formatting more consistent
  • has super efficient caching features that can eliminate superfluous server requests