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WooCommerce Dropshippers Nulled v3.0.15 Free Download

WooCommerce Dropshippers Nulled
WooCommerce Dropshippers Nulled

Want to make your WooCommerce the perfect dropshipping platform? Look no further!
WooCommerce Dropshippers Nulled is a WordPress plugin that makes your e-commerce dropshipper-ready. No more compromises, no more tentative solutions, this is the one and only fully functional dropshipping platform for WooCommerce!

Download WooCommerce Dropshippers

With WooCommerce Dropshippers an administrator can assign to an user the custom role of “Dropshipper”. Once the role is assigned to the user, the administrator can assign products to him/her. That’s it!
For every sale made, the dropshipper GPL will receive a mail notification with the customer’s address where to ship the goods. After the shipment is complete, the dropshipper will be able to notify the store admin of the completed operation.
Also from release 1.7 dropshippers will also be able to send the admin informations about the tracking number, company used for shipping, shipping date and notes. The administrator will have the ability to look at the orders and see how many dropshippers have already completed and evaded the order.
From version 1.5, the administrator can also set a “Dropshipper price” for every product (Simple products and Variable products) so that Dropshippers will be able to monitor their sales directly from the dashboard. This will also allow the administrator to know the amount of money that has to be paid to every dropshipper (from the new Dropshippers Free Download list view).

You can check the documentation of the plugin HERE .

PLUGIN OWNERS: due to a delay in Envato’s caching system, you can download the most recent plugin updates via the download link on the top right of this page, as it often takes several days for Envato to make updated files available via your downloads list.

Demo :

Download WooCommerce Dropshippers

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