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WooCommerce Tab Manager Nulled (v1.16.0) Free Download

WooCommerce Tab Manager Nulled
WooCommerce Tab Manager Nulled

WooCommerce Tab Manager Nulled As a WooCommerce store owner, we know you love your products. In fact, you love them so much you probably want to tell your customers everything about them, from dimensions to shipping and manufacturing details. We get it! But you probably want a really polished way to do it on your product pages, right? Tab Manager helps you create professional, informative product pages using easy-to-manage product tabs.

Tab Manager gives you complete control over your product page tabs, allowing you to easily create new tabs for products, share tabs among multiple products, reorder tabs using a visual drag-and-drop interface, and more. No more messing with filters, template files, or modifying your theme; you’ll be able to create custom tabs from the convenience of the WordPress dashboard. Even most 3rd party tabs added by other plugins will be detected, allowing you to hide or order them alongside your own tabs.

What Can Tab Manger Do?

  • Core tabs – re-order, remove, or rename the core Description, Additional Information, and Reviews tabs
  • 3rd Party tabs – most tabs added by 3rd party plugins will be automatically detected, and will be sortable
  • Global tabs – create tabs that can be added to more than one product, allowing for easy content sharing and saving you time!
  • Global tabs can also be restricted to display only on certain product categories NEW
  • Product level tabs – create tabs that are customized to a specific product.
  • Create a default tab layout (re-order as you wish!) that can be applied to all products
  • Override the default layout on a per-product basis to customize tabs for a single product.
  • Add any number of custom product tabs and order them
  • Include tab content in site search results NEW

Default Tab Layout

WooCommerce Tab Manager Free Download Manage the default tabs for all products in your store (which can be overridden on a per-product basis)! You can re-order tabs, rename them, remove core tabs, and add your own global tabs.

Demo :


2023.06.20 - version 1.16.0
 * Fix - Register admin tab layout page properly to avoid deprecation messages in PHP 8+
 * Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

2022.11.30 - version 1.15.0
 * Misc - Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6

2022.08.15 - version 1.14.2
 * Fix - Replace deprecated usages of `is_ajax()` in favor of `wp_doing_ajax()`
 * Misc - Require WooCommerce 3.9.4 or newer

2021.03.16 - version 1.14.1
 * Tweak - Simplify the paths in the Tab Manager admin screen to add a global tab by using a button only
 * Tweak - Add support for the WooCommerce Navigation admin feature
 * Localization - Update Italian translation

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