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WP Grid Builder + Addons Nulled (v2.0.2) Free Download

WP Grid Builder + Addons Nulled Free Download
WP Grid Builder + Addons Nulled Free Download

WP Grid Builder Nulled Create advanced grid layouts with the real-time faceted search for your portfolio, blog, eCommerce, and much more. Easily display and query WordPress content from your taxonomy terms, post types, or users with a powerful and modern admin interface.

WP Grid Builder Nulled Features

  • 20+ Cards Included
  • Custom Fields Integration
  • Faceted Search
  • Lightning Fast
  • Developer Friendly
  • Build purposeful faceted grids
  • Display and filter WooCommerce products
  • Create Grids & Carousels with Ease

WP Grid Builder Free Download

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WP Grid Builder Addons List

  • WP Grid Builder v2.0.2
  • WP Grid Builder LearnDash v1.2.0
  • WP Grid Builder Pods v1.0.0
  • WP Grid Builder Elementor Addon v.1.3.1
  • WP Grid Builder Bricks v1.3.0
  • WP Grid Builder Map Facet v1.5.4
  • WP Grid Builder Caching v1.2.0
  • WP Grid Builder Multilingual v1.1.2
  • WP Grid Builder Oxygen v1.1.2
  • WP Grid Builder Meta Box v1.0.0
  • WP Grid Builder Beaver Builder v1.1.0




Release date: May 24, 2024

  • ImprovedCustom block attribute argument added to render_callback.
  • ImprovedAutomatically merges query strings and hash to Apply redirect URL.
  • ImprovedAdd facet slug if missing in settings.
  • FixedWrong aspect ratio issue with Metro layout.
  • FixedWrong link target in card (interaction).
  • FixedWrong stylesheet directory on multisite.
  • FixedIncorrect nested tax query clauses.
  • FixedIncorrect domain name in some strings.
  • FixedData localized twice in the WordPress editor.
  • FixedIssue with wrong custom field name in sort facet.


Release date: May 16, 2024

  • ImprovedSticky admin table header.
  • FixedIncorrect URL scheme for CSS stylesheets.
  • FixedBroken layout with horizontal card.


Release date: May 13, 2024

  • AddedRevamp of the admin interface with React.
  • AddedRevamp dashboard to manage licence, indexer, content and add-ons.
  • AddedRevamp card editor based on Gutenberg (as standalone).
  • AddedStyles to customize the appearance of facets.
  • AddedConditions to render blocks in a card.
  • AddedDynamic Tags to render data in a card.
  • AddedColumns, Group, Row, Stack, Paragraph & Button blocks.
  • AddedNew controls to Post Terms block.
  • AddedSupport for custom CSS properties for cards.
  • AddedSupport for CSS variables throughout the plugin.
  • AddedChild Of support for facet taxonomy source.
  • AddedTerm Depth support for facet taxonomy source.
  • AddedInclude/Exclude controls for custom fields as data source.
  • AddedShow Current Terms to display current archive terms in facets.
  • AddedConditional Actions for facet (hide/reveal & disable/enable).
  • AddedConditional Cards for grids (attach cards conditionally).
  • AddedSupport for Multiple order values in grids.
  • AddedSupport to include and exclude terms in grid.
  • AddedSupport for GDPR friendly Bunny Fonts.
  • AddedGrid, Card, Facet & Style demos to the importer (Browse Demos).
  • AddedNew setting to apply a facet style globally.
  • AddedNew facet block control to apply a style locally.
  • AddedNew settings API to easily add controls to the plugin.
  • AddedPHP filter to register custom SVGs for the card editor.
  • AddedIcons in several setting controls (grid, card and facet).
  • AddedRequires at least & Requires PHP header Requirements.
  • AddedCSS minifier for cards and styles.
  • AddedUse of CSS variables for facets, cards and lightbox in the plugin stylesheet.
  • ImprovedAutomatically adds carousel buttons and page dots in grid layout.
  • ImprovedRendering facet blocks in the WordPress editor.
  • ImprovedSupport for indexing with HTTP authentication.
  • ImprovedFacets can be indexed from the facet overview table.
  • ImprovedFacet source now combines all data sources in a single field.
  • ImprovedPreserve imported identifiers wherever possible.
  • ImprovedReduce the size of frontend JS scripts by around 20%.
  • UpdatedGoogle Fonts library.
  • UpdatedFrench translations.
  • ChangedListing, label, and counter are now styled independently for each facet.
  • ChangedRemove shortcode menu button for styles in admin table.
  • ChangedFull-width layout for admin tables and control panels.
  • ChangedPHP 8.0 is recommended and compatible up to version 7.x.
  • ChangedWordPress 6.0 or higher is required.
  • FixedCSS conflict between facet toggle and range slider.
  • FixedCard editor layout issues with WP 6.0.
  • FixedIncorrect aria-label in plugin menu.
  • FixedTypo error in aria-label of pagination facet.
  • FixedPHP 8.3 deprecation notices.
  • FixedIncorrect redirection from WordPress navigation menu.
  • FixedMinor responsive CSS issue in the admin interface.
  • FixedIssue with the layout of group block in the card editor.
  • FixedIssue with certain style settings not correctly saved.
  • FixedDuplicate CSS color declarations in dynamic stylesheets.
  • FixedOverflow issue with facet style preview iframe.
  • FixedVertical layout issue with the buttons facet when the list is expanded.
  • FixedPrevents inserting empty metadata tags in cards.

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