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WP Staging Pro One Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites Nulled (v5.6.0) Free Download

WP Staging Pro One Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites Nulled Free Download
WP Staging Pro One Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites Nulled Free Download

WP Staging Pro Nulled is a plugin for creating a clone and copying changes to your WordPress site in a couple of clicks. 

WP Staging Pro Nulled allows you to safely work on your website: copy the database and files from site to site; allows you to exclude specific tables and folders; very fast cloning process; user role authentication; even huge websites are supported; very easy to use.

Are You Ready to Use
WordPress Like a Professional?

WordPress experts recommend WP STAGING Free Download due to its speed, reliability and clean code.

Backup & Restore

Backup & restore your entire WordPress site more reliable.


Create a copy of WordPress with one click for development.

Website Migration

Transfer or duplicate your website to another server.

High Performance

Backup & Cloning is much faster than with other plugins.

No Cloud Service

All data resides on your server. Nothing is submitted to us.

Multisites Supported

Clone and push Multisites. Supports Main & Network Sites.

Clone to Separate Database

Create staging or development sites to separate databases. Keep your cloned site utterly independent from the production site.

Website Transfer

Move your local development website to a production server or transfer and migrate your website to another domain. WP STAGING Nulled does all the heavy lifting including the search & replacement of all links fully automatically.

Faster Site Backups

Create manual and scheduled backups of your entire website in a blink of an eye. Much faster and with lower server load than most other plugins can do due to advanced backup algorithms.

Upload backup data to cloud providers like Google Drive and Amazon S3.

WP STAGING Free Download

WP STAGING Free Download can transfer your website to another host and domain on a whole new level.

Demo :


5.4.1 Release March 08, 2024
Enh: Remove files that were false-positive detected as malicious. #3184
Fix: Remove two css files accidentially loaded on the frontpage. #3208
Fix: Remove standalone installer – Not ready yet. #3218
Fix: Make sure to not encode single and double quotes while downloading log files. #3168
5.4.0 Release March 06, 2024
New: Add option to create a new admin user account for your staging site during it’s creation. #3087
New: Add option to use non-blocking process for uploading to FTP storage when using FTP extension to upload. #3103
New: Add advanced excludes option at WP CLI backup-create command. #3114
New: Add ‘Delete Settings’ button within the storage provider interface to facilitate the removal of the cloud provider configuration. #3108
New: Add support for Search Replace of urls in content of network subsites. #2960
New: Add option on edit staging site page for testing database connection. #3106
New: If uploads folder is symlinked exclude it from disk space calculation before creating a staging site. #3092
Enh: Update look and feel of backup scheduling modal. #3090
Enh: Add page loader for each page of the user interface. #3142
Enh: Add new upgrade buttons to header and license page. #3135
Enh: Add more information like database name to system information. #3125
Enh: Avoid scanning of excluded directories during the push process. #3049
Fix: Fatal error on old WordPress 4.4.32 due to using of get_current_network_id(). #3174
Fix: Base prefix wrongly replaced for users and usermeta tables in views when creating backup of views in multisite subsite. #3128
Fix: Prevent error while directory listing protection due to open_basedir restriction. #3180
Fix: Update free version plugin meta description to “Required by WP Staging Pro”. #3171
Fix: Remove redundant admin notices for invalid license keys during activation. #3139
Security: Fix a potential security error and add better sanitizing for backup title. #3152
Fix: Make sure EDD license checks are triggered only once. #3179
Fix: Google drive authentication not working properly under all circumstances. #3156
Fix: Selected custom tables on a staging site that had a different prefix than the prefix in the wp-config.php could not be pushed anymore. #3170
Fix: Prefix for user capabilities was not replaced when creating a backup of network subsite. #3129
Fix: The “Prefix” field was empty for listed staging sites if they were created in an external database and the prefix was not specified. #3166
Fix: The optimizer setting was shown as disabled, even if it was still active. #3151
Fix: Add loading icon beside ‘Refresh License Status’ button and adjusted loading bars on licensing page. #3185
Fix: Super (network) admins were not able to login with when network subsite backup was restored on a single site. #3191
Fix: Reference Error wpstgPro is not defined during staging site creation on FREE version. #3136
Fix: Make sure that backup plugin notice doesn’t overlap Create Staging Site button in UI. #3148
Fix: List of active plugins in system info is misleading. #2996
Fix: Make sure that mail setting page looks good on all screen resolutions. #3094
Fix: Incorrect process modal title for preserving data task. #3130
Fix: DRY properties in BackupMetadata and remove error message “trying to hydrate dto errors BackupMetadata::setCurrentNetworkId()” #3199
Dev: Update DI52 library to latest version for small performance gain. #3146
Dev: Fix missing adminer host on wpstg command. #3120
Dev: Load Basic or Pro service provider once other dependencies are loaded. #3160
Dev: Populate dev hosts from env variables to add to hosts file. #3122
Dev: Add adminer to dev tools for database management. #3112
Dev: Fast test fails on GitHub due to the missing of ‘wpstgBackupHeader.txt’ file, checksum needed to be updated each time. #3110
Dev: Update Github actions to latest version that uses Node 20 to avoid deprecation message Github CI. #3200

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