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WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Nulled v3.1.0 Free Download

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Nulled
WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Nulled

Encouraging customers to purchase more and increase their order value is not an easy task though store owners have a variety of methods to do so. Offering quantity Nulled based prices would be one of the most effective and powerful methods to urge buyers with very few convincing actions needed.

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Quantity-based pricing can be categorized into 2 types: volume pricing and tiered pricing. Volume pricing can benefit manufacturers and wholesale companies the most as it encourages customers to purchase more items to enjoy a lower average price. However, WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce GPL is not just about discounts, it’s an advanced tiered pricing tool at the same time. Store owners can set up different tiers of pricing, in which they can raise the price or lower it for the next tier. The total will be calculated based on the sum of all applicable tier subtotals. Furthermore, these pricings can be assigned to a specific group of users based on the user role on the site. That said, wholesalers can enjoy a much lower price set than retailers or customers.

This plugin allows store owners to set up various pricing options in a table layout based on different levels of quantity. It’s super easy to configure and users can enjoy a real-time demonstration as the indicator will slide to show the active unit price corresponding to the current quantity level in the frontend. By nature, this plugin facilitates both volume pricing & tiered pricing – the two best strategies in marketing that encourages customers to upgrade their order size by increasing the quantity of products while sellers can have a better profit without the need to tighten their budget too much.


  • Encourage customers to increase their order value
  • Set up discounts in bulk for different user roles
  • Support a broad range of customers at a time
  • Increase revenue based on high-volume sales
  • Facilitate the cumulative tiered price calculation

WPC Price by Quantity for WooCommerce Nulled KEY FEATURES

  • Two modes: Global or Individual Pricing (Premium)
  • Two pricing methods: Volume pricing or Tiered pricing
  • Price format: a number for fixed price or a percentage of the main price
  • Disable and overwriting pricing rules on individual products
  • Customize the position of price table on single product page
  • Customize the color and background color of active price row
  • Real-time display of active prices based on the quantity chosen
  • Show saved amount or percentage after the price
  • Customize the After text to show the benefits in each quantity level
  • Role-based pricing for administrator, editors, customers, shop managers, etc.
  • Work with all types of products, even Smart bundles/grouped/composite
  • Work with custom add-ons from WPC Product Options
  • Compatible with most common WordPress themes and WooCommerce plugins

Demo :