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WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce Premium Nulled v1.2.0 Free Download

WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce Premium Nulled
WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce Premium Nulled

Here comes the brand new WPC Price by User Role for WooCommerce Nulled plugin, which is bound to be one great tool for online stores that have multi-vendors, users of various user roles such as shop managers, wholesalers, retailers, customers, subscribers, etc. It is the most convenient way to configure discounts and adjust prices in bulk based on user roles.

The user-friendly interface with clean-coded features are made ready for site owners to configure prices and discounts for different user groups based on roles. Users can set up pricing rules for all products at once (storewide), or at the product basis (Premium). Prices can also be hidden in specific user roles. Unauthorized users can be required to log in to see prices as well.

There are two methods for configuring a new price: entering a number as the new fixed price or using a percentage of the original price. The percentage new price is recommended for Global prices as it can be applied dynamically on products throughout the store.

Key Features

  • Adjust the General’s tab price for different user groups
  • Display the full price format: Regular & Sale prices
  • Hide prices and ATC button of products based on specific roles
  • Require guest login to see product prices
  • Highly flexible: multiple input types with a number or percentage for prices
  • Set up a fixed new price as Regular or Sale price or both
  • Set up a dynamic new price using a percentage of the original price
  • Leave blank or use 100% to keep the original prices
  • Pricing rules at two levels: Global (storewide) or Individual Products (Premium)
  • Easy to use for different user roles: administrator, shop manager, customers, etc.

User Roles

WPC Price by User Role GPL provides a full list of major roles on a site for site administrators to assign pricing rules on different levels of privileges.

In case you would like to raise the security and require more engagement from users, you can also hide prices and require guests to log in to see the prices. The Add to Cart button will be disabled for unauthorized guests as well. It’s also possible to hide the prices in specific user roles.

You can review and adjust the roles of users from the dashboard by navigating to the Users section >> All users.

Price Adjustment

By default, WooCommerce requires every product to have a price entered in the General tab to be available and purchasable. This plugin makes it possible to flexibly change that price for multiple products at a time or in specific items to suit the purchasing privileges of customers at various levels.

For example:

  • Administrators: see full prices for management
  • Shop managers/ wholesalers: enjoy 3% discount on all products
  • Contributors: get a flat discount price of $29.00 for new arrival collection
  • Customers: enjoy 2-5% on some products

Let’s take a product as an example with a price of $19.00 entered as its Regular price in the General tab.

In order to keep using the full price of products, leaving all boxes blank or entering 100% will result in no changes in the pricing. The frontend price of that item will be “$19.00” only.

WPC Price by User Role Free Download

Global Prices vs Individual Prices

For wholesalers who can enjoy 3% off all products, just navigate to the WPClever menu >> Price by User Role, choose a role from the dropdown then click on Set up for role for the boxes to appear. The pricing rules configured in this menu are global pricings for all users within the assigned roles and for all products across the stores.

In order to set up pricing rules for individual products, users must purchase the Premium plugin then open the Product Data section >> open the Price by User Role tab >> choose Override and repeat the same process above.

Demo :