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[WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled (v4.3.4 – v3.1.24) Free Download

[WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled Free Download
[WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled Free Download

Surprise, it’s time for another long-awaited update – say hello to Widgetkit 3. It’s been almost 5 years since the last major update, and today we are bringing Widgetkit to the UIkit 3, and therefore also [WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled ecosystem. We completely modernized Wigetkit by refactoring the administration and all its widgets with UIkit 3. It now makes use of all UIkit 3 features and benefits. Additionally, we added new options to the widgets, and made some general improvements. Let’s get into details.

Download [WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled

YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled Features

Finally, Widgetkit got rid of UIkit 2 and all its outdated JavaScripts. This is a huge step for Widgetkit since it heavily uses the UIkit JavaScripts for all its widget effects. Not only were they greatly improved, but the file size also got about 25% smaller. This, in addition to the removed jQuery dependency, significantly improves your site’s speed.

Now slideshows and sliders support touch and swipe navigation as well as mouse drag for desktops. You can control the animation with your fingertips, and it even accelerates to keep up with your pace. Background videos used in slideshows and sliders will play automatically when you scroll through the slides, autopause when you move to the next slide and start playing again where you left off when you swipe back. Widetkit now uses the lightweight SVG icon system from UIkit and no longer requires loading FontAwesome. The parallax effect, the masonry layout and filtering options for the Grid and Gallery widgets can now be used in any combination, and they will work seamlessly together. And these are just the main improvements, there is so much more to discover in the detail.

New Widget Settings

We also added some missing options to the widgets. There is an additional x-large breakpoint option for larger screens and a new HTML element setting for titles in all widgets, which is great for SEO. The animation setting got new small and medium offset options for the slide animations. The List widget has more list type options like bullet, divider, hyphen and more, and the Map widget now uses Algolia Places instead of the Google API for geocoding.

YOOtheme Pro Integration

Since YOOtheme Pro Nulled also uses UIKit 3, Widgetkit will not load UIkit and instead will adapt the YOOtheme Pro Free Download style. You can see how Widgetkit looks like with all the different YOOtheme Pro styles on our demo server. Additionally, there is a new Widgetkit element in YOOtheme Pro Nulled that allows you to load any widget into the YOOtheme Pro page builder. It opens the Widgetkit administration as you are used to in a modal where you can select and manage your widgets.

YOOtheme Pro Widgetkit Free Download

We also integrated Widgetkit 3 into the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Simply add the Widgetkit block to your Gutenberg layout. It will open the Widgetkit administration in a modal just like the [WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Free Download.

What will you get?

  • YOOtheme Pro WP v4.3.4
  • yooessentials-1.4.7
  • widgetkit-demo-package-wordpress-1.2.4
  • WidgetKit v3.1.24 Wp
  • WidgetKit v3.1.24 Joomla
  • FS Teaser Card v1.1.9.5
  • FS Table Pro v1.4.7
  • Switcher Pro v1.1.3
  • Grid Pro v1.4.8

Demo :

Download [WordPress] YOOtheme Pro & WidgetKit Nulled


4.3.4 (February 13, 2024)
Fix dropbar offset
Fix Google Mobile-Friendly test reports "Content wider than screen" on Slider elements
Fix transparent header with Joomla caching enabled (Joomla)
4.3.3 (February 12, 2024)
Fix missing Twitter social icon
Fix dropdown stretch option in navbar split layouts
Fix dropbar padding top for transparent header in Paladin and Pinewood Lake styles
Fix escaping of error message on error page (Joomla)
Fix source date filter expects UTC date (WordPress)
Fix CSS classes for price source in WooCommerce (WordPress)
4.3.2 (February 9, 2024)
Fix header transparent options in combination with dropbar
Fix header dropdown options not used as defaults for mobile header
Fix gradient color field
Fix template url for contacts (Joomla)

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