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Divi (Theme + Builder + Extra Theme ) Nulled (v4.25.1) Free Download

Divi (Theme + Builder + Extra Theme ) Nulled Free Download
Divi (Theme + Builder + Extra Theme ) Nulled Free Download

Divi Free Download has combined great designs with all the features you need to create a truly multipurpose WordPress theme. The vast choice of page templates and easy to use page builder work both if you are looking for a quick design or if you plan to create fully custom designs without coding.

About Divi Theme Nulled

Divi Theme Nulled is the flagship theme from Elegant Themes and it’s also one of the most popular WordPress themes available today. As it’s a multipurpose theme, it was created to be suitable for any type of website you might want to build with WordPress.

Over the years, Divi builder free download has been regularly updated and improved. The theme now includes a powerful drag-and-drop page builder tool, hundreds of website templates, and countless customization options and settings as well as a few other useful features. It’s competitively priced, too.

The Future of WYSIWYG

Drag & Drop Building

Add, delete and move elements around on the front end of your website. No coding and no confusing back end options.

True Visual Editing

Design your page in real time and see the results instantly. Create and customize your pages using intuitive visual controls.

Custom CSS Control

Developers can easily combine Divi’s visual design controls with their own custom CSS. Divi’s interface is simple yet not limiting.

Responsive Editing

Building beautiful responsive websites is easy. Divi is responsive by nature and also gives you full control over how your website looks on mobile devices.

Design Options Galore

Enjoy dozens of unique page elements and thousands of design options. Divi gives you full design control over your website.

Inline Text Editing

Just click and start typing! Editing your page has never been this easy. Draft pages on the front end and see the results instantly as you type.

Save & Manage Your Designs

Save and manage unlimited custom designs. Easily re-use them to jump-start new pages. Create advanced design systems and streamline your work flow.

Global Elements & Styles

Manage your entire website’s design using global elements and website-wide design settings. Divi isn’t just a page builder, it’s a website design system.

Undo, Redo, & Revisions

Divi works like a modern software application. Easily undo, redo and travel through your entire editing history. If you make a mistake, Divi has your back.

Divi is For Everyone


Divi makes building websites for your clients so much easier, faster and more enjoyable. With Divi, you can build anything using a single platform, instead of managing dozens of different themes.


Divi makes building websites faster and more efficient. It will streamline your design process and improve team collaboration. It’s also amazingly affordable. Build unlimited websites for your clients on a single membership.

Website Owners

Divi makes building websites easier. For beginners and website owners, Divi gives you the freedom to bring your own visions to life. Anyone can jump into Divi thanks to its visual editor and hundreds of pre-made designs.

Divi Marketplace

Find Hundreds Of Third Party Modules, Themes And Layouts

Divi is amazing on its own, but it’s also backed by a thriving community of developers and designers (just like WordPress)! In the Divi Marketplace, you will find tons of free and premium products that will help you build unique websites.


Developers Rejoice! Extend Divi in New & Exciting Ways

Divi Theme Free Download is more than a theme, it’s a complete web design framework backed by a thriving and enthusiastic community. We believe in extendability and in the cultivation of an open source development ecosystem. That’s why we created the Divi developer API, allowing developers to create custom Divi modules and more.

Demo :


ersion 4.25 ( updated 04-18-2024 )
- Introduced Divi Layouts AI: Generate entire Divi pages with a simple prompt using AI.
- Fixed a fatal error that can occur with WordPress 6.5 while using a 3rd-party Divi extension which does not properly set the domain property when extending the DiviExtension base class.
	* ai-app/ai-app.php
	* ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.js
	* ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.css
	* ai-app/i18n/ai-image-editor.php
	* ai-app/i18n/user-prompt.php
	* ai-app/images/card-1.png
	* ai-app/images/card-2.png
	* ai-app/images/card-3.png
	* core/components/Portability.php
	* functions.php
	* includes/builder/api/DiviExtension.php
	* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
	* includes/builder/class-et-builder-settings.php
	* includes/builder/core.php
	* includes/builder/feature/Library.php
	* includes/builder/feature/global-presets/Settings.php
	* includes/builder/framework.php
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/helpers.php
	* includes/builder/functions.php
	* includes/builder/images/ai.png
	* includes/builder/images/layout-insert-build-with-ai.svg
	* includes/builder/images/layout-insert-premade-layout.svg
	* includes/builder/images/layout-insert-saved-layout.svg
	* includes/builder/module/helpers/Background.php
	* includes/builder/scripts/src/builder.js
	* includes/functions/choices.php
	* includes/functions/sanitization.php
	* js/src/theme-customizer.js

version 4.24.3 ( updated 04-02-2024 )
- Fixed several compatibility issues with PHP 8.2.
- Fix deprecated messages when editing existing post with Divi Layout block in WordPress 6.5.
- Fix deprecated messages when adding new post or edit existing post in WordPress 6.5.
- Fixed image refinement issues by correcting endpoint usage and prompt handling.
- Added multiple upscaling and canvas limit to 8192px.
	* ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.js
	* ai-app/build/et-ai-app.bundle.css
	* ai-app/i18n/ai-image-editor.php
	* includes/builder/api/DiviExtension.php
	* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
	* includes/builder/feature/Library.php
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js

version 4.24.2 ( updated 02-20-2024 )
- Fixed an issue in the Divi Builder that caused fields in the module settings modal to crash.
	* core/code-snippets/app/boot.js
	* epanel/theme-options-library/app/boot.js
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js

version 4.24.1 ( updated 02-14-2024 )
- Fixed a PHP deprecation notice in the Blog module.
- Added integration with AI for retrieving and updating the post settings title, excerpt, and featured image.
- Fixed an issue where the custom CSS tabs were being rendered when there was only one field for custom css.
- Fixed PHP 7.2 compatibility issue with the SplitLibrary.php file.
- Fixed a PHP fatal error that occurred in very rare cases where the mb_convert_encoding() PHP function was not available.
- Fixed an issue where replying to a comment did not work when the Dynamic CSS was disabled.
- Fixed the issue where clicking the favorite icon in the Theme Builder modal would exit the library.
- Fixed a small typo on the Support Center page.
	* core/components/SupportCenter.php
	* includes/builder/feature/SplitLibrary.php
	* includes/builder/feature/dynamic-assets/class-dynamic-assets.php
	* includes/builder/feature/dynamic-assets/dynamic-assets.php
	* includes/builder/feature/icon-manager/ExtendedFontIcons.php
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
	* includes/builder/frontend-builder/helpers.php
	* includes/builder/module/Blog.php

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