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Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled (v8.7) Free Download

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download
Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Download

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled is the newest and most complete Affiliate WordPress Plugin that allow you provide a premium platform for your Affiliates with different rewards and amount based on Ranks or special Offers.

You can turn on your Website into a REAL business and income machine where you just need to sit down and let the others to work for you!

Each Affiliate can creates his own marketing Campaign and brings more Affiliates via the Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) strategy.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro – main features

  • Ranks with Achievements
    Classify your affiliates into separate ranks and assign a different commission level. Each Affiliate can be promoted to the next Rank once reached the Achievements
  • Unlimited Affiliates
    There is no limit for your number of Affiliates that can promote your products and services
  • Custom Amount
    Set a Percentage or Flat Amount for each Rank, Offer or custom commission, such a MLM rewards
  • Special Offers
    Affiliates can earn different commissions based on which product/s are purchased. Offer can be limited by a Date Range.
  • Multi-level Marketing
    Turn On your Affiliate platform into a MLM system that will boost your own affiliates to recruit new leads.  Based on your needs there can be set a UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled In the Future

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Free Download plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice new features.

Demo :


Version 8.7 – 04.19.2024
- Added: Referrals Table - Payout status
- Fixed: Custom Affiliate Tabs - Icons display
- Fixed: main Reports tab order
- Fixed: Direct Email - Subject
- Fixed: Admin Menu is not showing up at WP Multisite
- Fixed: Approve Affiliate option does not show up in the Affiliates Table
- Fixed: PHP Compatibility
- Fixed: Payout process - new payout algorithm
- Fixed: Remove Payout Payments
- Fixed: Affiliates table - showing up the Email Status column when is necessary
- Fixed: Default Rank option is not saving
- Changed: Affiliate Table - Search by Affiliate
- Changed: Recurring Commission generation process
- Changed: Product Rates - No Date Range requirement
Version 8.6 – 04.03.2024
- Added: New option - Disable IP Address Logging
- Added: New option - Product Rates to work with All Products in one entry
- Added: New Payout option - Referrals Grace Period
- Added: New Payout option - Minimum Amount Required
- Added: New details inside the Referrals table
- Added: Preview Affiliate Portal option for Admins
- Added: New option - Reject Commissions at Refund
- Added: Special field inside the Registration form for Payout details
- Added: New option - "Disable Referral" 
- Added: Allow logged users to Register as an Affiliate through the Registration form
- Added: New option - New Customer Commissions only
- Added: Import Affiliates through CSV file
- Added: Import Referrals through CSV file
- Added: New Payout Wizard 
- Fixed: ReCaptcha V3 integration 
- Fixed: Referral status update when refund is proceeded on EDD payments
- Fixed: Referrals details meta box for latest WooCommerce version
- Fixed: Checkout Referral field inside Profile form
- Fixed: Dates filter inside Referrals table
- Fixed: Source filter inside Referrals table
- Fixed: Management Creatives during Initial Setup
- Fixed: Compatibility with PHP > v.7.4
- Fixed: Static Coupons without any Amount set up
- Fixed: Checkout Referrals field inside Ultimate Membership Pro Registration form
- Fixed: Set Rank as Default option
- Fixed: Import settings via XML file
- Fixed: Recurring Commission Amount calculation
- Changed: Email Notifications setup section and Tags
- Changed: Style at front-end Showcases
- Changed: UAP Dashboard UX/UI
Version 8.5 – 02.15.2024 – Important Update
- Fixed: Login Form - Undefined Errors
- Fixed: UAP Dashboard - Dynamic Tables
- Added: Affiliates column inside Ranks Table
- Added: Show/Hide Password option inside Login/Register form
- Added: Default Rank option when Add/Edit a rank
- Fixed: Approve button inside Affiliates Table
- Fixed: Direct Email popup workflow
- Added: Wizard Initial Setup step
- Added: Custom Administrator Email Addresses
- Added: Email Notifications Logs
- Fixed: Wallet module -code generation process
- Added: Export/Import CSV options
- Added: Weekly Email Summary new Module
- Fixed: PayPal Payout process for various currencies
- Changed: Payout process
- Changed: Administrator Dashboard
- Added: Mobile Dashboard Menu
- Added: Extra Creatives options
- Added: New Reports data
- Changed: Administrator Dashboard
- Changed: Email Notifications workflow
- Changed: Automatic Updates through WordPress Dashboard

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