Soho Hotel Theme Calendar For WordPress Nulled (v4.2.4) Free Download

Soho Hotel Nulled is a WordPress theme designed for Hotels, Hostels, Service Apartments and any other kind of accommodation which requires a booking system.


  • Availability Calendar: Accurately manage the availability of all your rooms in a simple to use calendar
  • Channel Manager: iCal Channel Management to Sync with OTAs and maintain availability across platforms
  • Email Notifications: Both customers and the website admin receive an email when a new booking is made
  • Multiple Locations: Manage availability for multiple hotels or locations with ease using the category feature
  • Booking Conditions: Min/max stay, occupancy limits, allowed check in and check out days
  • Guest Classes: Create custom guest classes such as “Adult”, “Child”, “Pet”, and set different prices for each
  • Private Rooms: A standard hotel room which can only be booked by one private group of guests
  • Dorm Rooms: A shared dorm room which can be booked by different groups of guests
  • Optional Add-Ons: Add-on extras to bookings e.g. airport transfer, breakfast, guided tour
  • Multiple Rates: Set multiple rates for a single accommodation, e.g. “Full Board”, “Half Board”
  • User Accounts: Save user data for returning guests and allow them to login to save time
  • Multi Currency: Quote prices in multiple currencies and allow guests to switch between them
  • Security Deposits: Take a percentage of the total price when booking to ensure the guest shows up
  • Seasonal Pricing: Set different pricing depending on the time of year e.g. low season and high season
  • Early / Late Pricing: Charge guests more or less if they book early or late based of rules set by you
  • Mobile Devices: The booking system works great on mobile devices as well as regular desktops
  • Multi Room Booking: Allow users to book multiple rooms / properties in a single booking
  • Check In / Out Time: Set the times customers are able to check in and check out of your property
  • Weekly Pricing: Charge a different price for customers who choose to stay weekly rather than nightly
  • Monthly Pricing: Charge a different price for customers who choose to stay monthly rather than nightly
  • Visual Room Editor: Edit the room pages with ease using the built in drag & drop editor, no coding required
  • Set Room Quantity: No need to create multiple rooms, if your rooms are the same spec / price just set the quantity
  • Day Of Week Price: Charge a different price depending on which day of the week the guest stays on
  • Guest Quantity Price: Charge a different price depending on the guest quantity and guest type
  • Booking Form Types: There are 6 different booking form types to suit any type of booking situation
  • Duration Pricing: Charge a different price for guests who choose to stay over a certain number of nights
  • Live Availability: Display live availability in the booking calendar, if a date is unavailable a red “x” will appear
  • Booking Confirmation: Manual or automatic booking confirmation, the dates will only be blocked when confirmed
  • Min Notice Period: Set a minimum number of days in advance guests are allowed to book a room
  • Payment Analytics: View payment analytics for your bookings in easy to read chart formats
  • Customer Database: Store your customer information and track how much they spend on bookings and when they book
  • Discount Coupons: Create custom coupon codes and allow your customers to save money on their next booking

Free Download Soho Hotel comes packaged with it’s own booking system custom built based on years of customer feedback. It should contain every feature you need, but if you feel something is missing please get in touch.

Demo :

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