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Sticky Cart For Woocommerce Nulled v1.1.6 SkroTron Free Download

Sticky Cart For Woocommerce Nulled SkroTron Free Download
Sticky Cart For Woocommerce Nulled SkroTron Free Download

Use Sticky Cart For Woocommerce SkroTron Nulled to give your shoppers a Smart Cart Feature — let store visitors buy from any page on your site with a Sticky Cart that appears as they scroll, and boost your sales and conversions.

A Sticky Cart that Always Appears Below the Fold

Product descriptions, large images, and product reviews can cause your “Cart” and “Add to Cart” buttons to disappear as visitors scroll. Sticky Cart shows a sticky cart form prominently on every product page — it’s always accessible, even when your usual buttons can’t be seen.

It’s also great for encouraging return visitors to convert. If a customer visits your site, leaves with items still in their cart, and then visits again, Sticky Cart For Woocommerce SkroTron Free Download will show them the items and give them the option to check out directly from whatever page they’re on, without visiting the cart or product page.

Use our auto mode to instantly generate a color scheme that works perfectly with your theme. No messing around with complicated CSS or html.

Or customize your color scheme — we know your site is unique, and you know what colors convert the best with your customers.

The Shopping Cart is one of the defining features of an eCommerce site. But it’s usually not very visually imposing, and can get lost among product descriptions and images. Making the cart more visible is a good constant, persuasive reminder for customers to buy.

And once they have decided to buy, Sticky Care ensures that their cart is always easy to find. You won’t lose out by having customers lose interest while scrolling back up the page trying to find the right button to click, and that means more conversions — and more revenue.