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WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Nulled v3.4.1 Webis Free Download

WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Nulled Webis Free Download
WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Nulled Webis Free Download

WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Webis Nulled allows store owners to collectively manage their product’s stock when selling the same product in various quantities. Sell your items in groups of any amount, and track those groups in the total inventory.

This innovation allows store owners to track their total inventory, even when items are sold in multiple bulk quantity variations, and easily integrate the bulk sale of products.

WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Webis Nulled features

Variation shared inventory has easy-to-use methods to allow you to manage inventory for sharing stock among variations. Using it will save you tons of time on managing individual stock values and provide a better shopping experience for your customers which can lead to higher sales. Here’s a list of features:

  1. Variation quantity multiplier – Each variation has its own “Inventory reduction per item sold“
  2. Managed variation stock – Once the variation is sharing with other variations, its quantity is disabled for better control and to prevent human error
  3. Managed stock values – Automatically updates stock values for products & variations based on the total available stock
  4. Dedicated stock manager – Dedicated tab on product edit page for stock management
  5. Overselling prevention –  Cart validation that prevents products from being sold if they exceed the total inventory

As a store owner ourselves, we found it very difficult to track inventory when selling different quantities of products. We searched for existing solutions on the market but couldn’t find one that solved the issue in a simple and straightforward way, hence we have developed this plugin ourselves to solve this bulk quantity issue and we hope it can solve yours as well.

Once this plugin is enabled, in the product data section of the product edit page, there will be a new tab called WooCommerce Shared Variation Inventory Webis Free Download where you can enable the “Shared Variation Inventory” option for this product. Once you’ve enabled it, in the “Quantity Manager” section, you can group the variations that you want to share inventory for, enter the total stock of this group, and give the group a label. You can create as many groups as you need (e.g. Variations A & B are different quantities of Peach Candy and Variations C & D are different quantities Apple Candy).