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WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled (v5.8.3) Free Download

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled Free Download
WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled Free Download

Quickly detect fraudulent transactions on your WooCommerce store
It is unfortunate, but true, that fraudulent transactions fuel a large sector of the eCommerce industry. When a fraudulent transaction is made via your online store, it is of paramount importance to act swiftly to 1) ensure your customers aren’t affected and 2) minimise hassles for you, as the store owner.

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Nulled is designed to help you pick up fraudulent transactions and catch them as they happen – by scanning and providing a score for each transaction made via your online store, based on a set of advanced scoring rules.

This WooCommerce plugin is ideal for store-owners who want to:

  • Automatically block or pause fraudulent orders.
  • Easily view risks and warnings associated with each order
  • Receive notifications when a fraudulent or unsafe order is placed.
  • Check customer behind proxy or VPN.
  • Block orders from high-risk domains and unsafe countries.
  • Protect against velocity attacks.
  • Reduce store management time by easily filtering out illegitimate orders.
  • Integrate minFraud® services by MaxMind on their online store.

Check the ‘risk’ of each order

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Free Download automatically assigns a score out of 100 to each order. This is called the risk score. The higher the number, the more likely the order is to be fraudulent. Examining the risk score allows you to quickly evaluate the potential risk level of the transaction and act accordingly. A risk score and advice, given for an order via the WooCommerce admin.

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Free Download

Underneath the risk score, the user can view warnings associated with the order. The advice provided is related to the rules in place (for example, if a customer’s IP address doesn’t match the billing country). The higher this number is, the more likely it is that the order is potentially fraudulent.

Demo :


2024-03-28 – version 5.8.3 * Fix: PLUGINS-2154 – Hook “wp_af_my_hourly_event” causing server to run out of memory. * Fix: PLUGINS-2356 – Anti Fraud Dashboard not showing 24 hours update for orders with fraud check. 2024-03-20 – version 5.8.2 * Add: PLUGINS-1063 – Multilingual support for ES, FR, PT, NL, DE, ZH, IT, PL, RU, TR, AR, SV, EL, HU, DA. 2024-03-04 – version 5.8.1 * Fix: PLUGINS-2195 – Change ‘theme-option’ slug for the Anti Fraud dashboard menu. * Fix: PLUGINS-2346 – Fix Anti Fraud dashboard points to incorrect URL. * Add: PLUGINS-2377 – Geolocation rule now requires Bigdatacloud API key. 2024-02-21 – version 5.8.0 * Add: PLUGINS-2373 – Button at Order level to Manually check the Order. * New: PLUGINS-2411 – Record MaxMind Data points in Woo Orders. 2024-01-17 – version 5.7.7 * Fix: PLUGINS-2386 – Anti Fraud – Woo QI Test Issues. 2024-01-15 – version 5.7.6 * Fix: PLUGINS-2381 – Fix reCAPTCHA to be revalidated everytime the Place Order button has been submitted on the Checkout page. * Update: PLUGINS-2382 – Verify further relevant information on orders to minFraud transactions. * Update: PLUGINS-2417 – Update “Does IP Address Match Location?” rule to be independent from MaxMind in plugin.

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