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WooCommerce Order Tags Nulled (v2.4.0) Free Download


Order Tags Nulled allows a store owner to create an unlimited number of order tags that can be manually and/or automatically assigned to orders.When you have a successful eCommerce store, managing orders can be a time-consuming process. Keeping track of orders and processing them efficiently is fundamental to customers receiving their orders as quickly as possible.

Order tags are visible on the list of orders and within the order details page, you can easily filter orders by tags and bulk assign tags.

WooCommerce Order Tags Free Download are visible on the list of orders and within the order details page, you can easily filter orders by tags and bulk assign tags. Adding order tags means a store owner can easily see that certain orders have met specific criteria without clicking into each order, reviewing the order details, and returning to the orders list. This is a huge time saver and can even open up possibilities the store owner could not achieve previously.

Why use Order Tags?

  • Assign tags automatically upon order placement, order update and/or order subscription renewal
  • Automatic tags include orders by specific customer(s), number of orders the customer has placed, number of items within the order, customer role, order status, order total, payment method, products within the order, products within order from specific categories, shipping method, shipping method instance, shipping zone, etc
  • Assign tags manually via the order edit screen or on the orders list using bulk actions
  • Assign tags automatically when matching any or all of the rules set
  • Use operators including =, >=, >, <= and < for assigning automatic tags
  • Order tag management overview dashboard
  • Orders can have any number of tags assigned
  • Filter orders by tag
  • Choose the color and text of each tag
  • Add a tag description as a tooltip for each order tag
  • Create an unlimited number of order tags
  • Bulk add order tags to existing orders plaved before this extension used
  • Bulk remove auto assigned and/or manually set tags and re-add on all orders
  • Compatible with renewal subscription orders from WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Order Tags Nulled Features

Includes these great features…


The order tag dashboard shows all order tags created and allows you to add an order tag.

Add/edit order tags

When adding/editing a tag you can set the tag text/color and automatic assignment rules.

Automatic tagging

Set order tags to be assigned automatically when orders are created/placed and meet specific conditions.

Manual tagging

You can manually assign an order tag when editing a product and even bulk assign them from the orders list.

Order list/details tag display

Your order list has a tags column that lists all the order tags, tags are also visible within the order details.

Filter orders by tag

You can quickly filter the orders list by selecting a specific tag in the order tag filter.

Demo :


Version 2.4.0
RELEASED ON 2023-08-03
High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) compatibility if WooCommerce version is 8.0.0 or higher, note that this version includes several changes for HPOS compatibility, it is recommended you perform this upgrade on a staging environment before upgrading the extension on a production website regardless of whether HPOS enabled, HPOS and the compatibility in this extension are very new, use with caution
Development assets
PHP requires at least 7.2.0
WooCommerce requires at least 7.3.0
WooCommerce tested up to 7.9.0
WordPress requires at least 5.9.0

Version 2.3.0
RELEASED ON 2023-05-31
Order tag set if coupon option
WooCommerce tested up to 7.7.1
WordPress tested up to 6.2.2

Version 2.2.0
RELEASED ON 2023-04-28
This is a milestone release, please ensure you read the contents of this changelog and we recommend performing this upgrade on a staging environment and testing before upgrading the extension on a production website, clear all caches after upgrading
Text color option on order tags
wcot_order_tags_color_text_default() filter hook
wcot_order_tags_set_if_product_variations() filter hook to allow product variations to be selected in set if product assignment when returned true
Additional class with order tag slug append to order tag html
Set if product variations information when managing order tags
Renamed existing color option to background due to new text color option
Set if fields which return results via AJAX can not be searched like non-AJAX fields

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